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Anybody else feeling restless??

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  • Anybody else feeling restless??

    Am feeling so restless at the moment - I can't seem to settle down to anything! There are so many things I want to do it's like it's too much to sit down and concentrate on one thing! So then I end up roaming around the house and getting annoyed with myself for not doing anything productive ...

    is this just me over the last few days? ... or is it something in the air?

    How are you all feeling out there?


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    I feel exactly the same!! I sit at work and think about what I can do tonight, phone charms, bracelets, earrings but when I get home I end up doing absolutely nothing but the night flies by and its time to go to bed and I get really annoyed as I haven't done anything.

    I don't know what it is but I think you might be right with the whole too much to concentrate on one item thing.

    It's really frustrating
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      I totally identify with that feeling, so much to do, where to start, then you end up starting things and then getting drawn to another and another.

      I put this down to end of school holiday frenzy/weariness on the parents (my) side!!!

      I feel that once they go back I can regain some sanity and school can take over in giving them things to do.

      Its been nice but now we are all counting down..... only 6 more days to go!!!!!



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        It's good to know it's not just me. I can't put mine down to children - at least that would be a solid reason!

        Rhiannon - am completely with you - what is it with the dreaming and thinking of stuff to do ... then not doing it???

        Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frustrating


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          I have been the same so decided to do something positive. I have been like a woman on a mission the last week or two, changing all the rooms around at home. It has resulted in me taking over my son's large playroom and turning into my craft room and turning my old craftroom into a cloakroom. Lots of charity shop runs and freecycling along the way and now I feel ready to get going with a vengeance! Sorry that all sounds a bit smug now i think about it.


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            Ive been restless all through August but right now feeling an excitement -- i feel a bit like a kid starting a new school lol and trust me its many years since i was in those shoes. I sometimes think we need time out to gear up for the next challenges - so bring them on lol
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              I've been just the same, cant sleep for thinking of things I want to do. A few days ago I had to force myself to finish a birthday present for my little boy and it seems to have triggered something, have been finishing off all sorts of things I half started. Have also got my bead stash tidy so that has helped, it means I cant just keep unpacking things and packing them up again, if I want to get them out i have to actually use them!

              End of summer hols is looming, so I can get things a bit more ordered again, there has been too much chaos the last few weeks to be able to concentrate one anything . though I would rather they werent going back just yet, I will miss them
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