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I'm back early 'cos the weather's poo!

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  • I'm back early 'cos the weather's poo!

    Hello everyone! (Hi to all you newbies who have joined since last Wednesday).

    I'm supposed to be having a lovely camping holiday in the Cotswolds but the weather is so appalling that we've given up and come home!
    We did manage to have a nice time at the Wedding we went to on Friday but after that my OH got a stomach bug, the weather went from bad to worse and I was getting less and less tolerant of the whole situation (especially the freezing cold showers)!

    Has anyone else been caught out by this horrible, miserable thoroughly depressing weather or is it just us?
    I couldn't even cheer myself up with my sewing, my heart wasn't in it.
    Every time we go camping we have bad weather. It's just not fair!
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    Sorry to hear you're back early.

    We haven't been away yet but are planning to go on 'days away' ie to Edinburgh Zoo, the Lakes etc. The weather is so rotten at the moment I'm a bit worried that our days away might be a bit water logged!!


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      Sorry you had to cut your holiday short because of the weather. It is pouring here at present. There was a rumour that it was August!!!!!! Enjoy being back in your home.


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        Sorry to hear you had to come back early. British weather eh?



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          Originally posted by Roseberry Crafts View Post
          Every time we go camping we have bad weather. It's just not fair!
          You're not the only one. we have friends who point blank refuse to camp when we are because we've never had a rain free, good weather week.

          Advance warning to everyone: I'm going camping soon!!!
          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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            Poor you! My advise - go camping in the summer in Namibia, the weather is the same each day - cold in mornings hot by mid day, though you will have to compe with below freezing temperatures at night!

            The weather has been pretty grotty here too...
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              Poor you! What a shame...

              We're hoping for decent weather in the last couple of weeks in August, 'cos we're off on the bike to Kent and then Norfolk, and it's not so much fun in the teeming rain. Not necessary to be beautiful & all, just not chucking it down will do!

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                Awwwww, Glad to hear you had a nice time at the wedding. Sorry to hear you've had to cut holiday short. I'm recuperating at home after an op. Was hoping weather would be nice so could sit in garden and craft. However I've been making most of sitting inside but crafting and hopefully looking forward to going away when I recover. At least craft-loving mums can amuse children with creative activities during the holidays!
                oooohhh must run to get washing in looks as if its going to rain again!


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                  We lost our gazebo to high winds while camping last week... we came back from a day out to find it a mangled mess with bent poles and snapped connections! Doncha just love the British weather?

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                    Aww thats awful - sorry to hear you had such a lousy time.

                    I havent been camping since I was at school but I am doing a fair on a showground in a few weeks and have arranged to camp on site, along with a lot of other stall holders. Im dreading it a bit now as I need to look nice and presentable each day to sell stuff dont know how thats going to happen lol !!!!. If the weather is going to be awful I think I will be booking into a b&b!!!!!.
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                      I don't need to hear all this guys! I'm going camping in Cornwall a week on Sat for a week. Last year we went the first week of September but this year my business partners baby is due that week so I'm going early, have never been on holiday before in the kids hols, kind of dreading it really!!! Selina