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  • Advise on Mr Site please

    I'm looking at breaking away from my website provider and have heard bits and bobs about Mr Site for a while now, although I have not looked into it.

    Just after some advice please as to how easy it is etc etc, what it costs.

    I have seen adverts for so much a month and I am not sure if you can buy the software outright yourself.

    Any advise would be great please.


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    I bought Mr Site takeaway software from Amazon for £11.99 plus £3 p&p new.
    Although I havn't got very far with it , it is very simple to use and you can use your exsisting domain name with it.
    I have all the front pages done and shop pages etc , I just need to take photographs of my work and do descriptions and upload them ( and we all know this is the most time consuming bit)

    All I need now is a 30 hr day so I can find the time to sit down and finish tweaking it

    sorry I can't be of more help,I'm not brilliant at any type of IT work but I muddle through
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      Hi Pauline

      I also recently bought Mr Site takeaway and I'm really pleased with it - it's still under construction so you won't be able to see mine yet but I find it really easy to use once you get used to the controls. It's literally just a case of typing out exactly what you want on each page and then fiddling with the pictures and fonts etc. I paid £33 for mine from the Gadget shop, but I wish I had bought it off amazon like Beckyboo! Doh!

      Also if you get stuck you can e-mail the mr site team and they're quite helpful and e-mail back usually within about one day.

      Helen x

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        I use Mr site and i found it easy to use !!
        You can also change the look of your website easily which i like !!
        I am a not very technically minded at all and i found the mr site team very helpful when i couldn't get it to work properly !!

        Sara x
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          Thanks for that ladies.....will look into it a bit more now.

          Do you still need to pay a yearly subscription/maintenance etc etc, if so, how much?

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            Hello Pauline!

            Yes, buy from Amazon and then thats it for your first year. For renewal - it tells you by way of a count down when you're getting close to the anniversary its £35 and that is for the year, so it works out at around £3 per month which is quite affordable.

            I find it very easy to use, but if you need any help when you get going - just shout!!


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              Oh wow, so is Mr site something you can use to build your site then? I've had someone do mine but they used dreamweaver which I don't have so I can't manage it myself which is particularly frustrating - would love to more online stuff and less fairs!

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                thanks and all its all getting a lot clearer now!

                Ruth, have you go the Pro mr site or the normal one?

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                  Hi , I have mine up and running. It took about 2 weeks to get the look and feel right for me.

                  I have lots of work to do on it, but have it open.

                  I don't have much listed as yet and have still to do a T+C's page etc.

                  If you want easy to manage then this is fine.
                  Pro is for if you have hundreds of items - I think!!!



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                    I use Mr Site and bought mine for £18 on eBay brand new. It's still in progress as I have to take all my images off and start again... do not use the watermark option is my advice!! I also have to re-do my shop soon to make it easier to browse but there aren't enough hours in the day at the moment.

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                      I built my site using Mr Site too after reading about it on here. There were a lot of mixed reviews but I felt I had to give it a try before splashing out on a professional designer.

                      It is definitely very simple and easy to use. I have absolutely no idea about all this technical web stuff and I managed to get a website out of it!

                      As with most things it's a case of finding your way around and learning how to do things. Once I got used to the features and things it became a lot easier.

                      There are still a lot of stuff I want to learn to do so it's still a work in progress but I'm picking things up as I go along.

                      Good luck!

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                        Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                        Thanks for that ladies.....will look into it a bit more now.

                        Do you still need to pay a yearly subscription/maintenance etc etc, if so, how much?

                        Hi Pauline
                        I thought I would just supply some details on renewing costs for Mr Site.

                        After the first year, you need to renew your website to continue using Mr Site. This cost is just £34.99 for Mr Site Standard and £99.99 for Mr Site Pro.

                        A message reminding you to renew starts appearing when you log on 30 days before the expiration date.

                        I hope that helps!

                        Mr Site Team