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  • arrrgggGGGHHH!!!

    Just went to an interview at a jewellery company and took my portfolio.

    It didn't go great....

    ARGH! I hate interviews why do I find them so hard! It was horible! Now i jut want to throw eerything I've made out its all crap! So angry at myself...

    just going to go and scream and thump my pillow now...

    does anyone have any advice-i feel so rubbish-i just can't get a job i want and I had a crappy day at work too.

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    Dont be so hard on youself. Interviews are always scary. Sure it wasnt as bad as yuo thought it was. Just had a look at your website, your things are amazing. I especially like the brooches.


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      Hold the horses. What company? Why should you chuck your stuff out? Just because they didn't like it don't mean squat. If it is a comercial company they just want to produce cheap easy to make tat. you make bespoke one off pieces.

      Hang in there.
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        I hate interviews too! (doesn't everyone?) I HATE having to tell someone how fantastic I am and that no one could do the job better blah blah. I am not good at selling myself because its all a load of BS!


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          Don't worry about it, it wasn't meant to be.

          What kind of job was it?
          Sarah x

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            it was a nice company-quite small and everything was handmade.

            It makes it worse somehow...

            I am just a bit fed up. I try really hard and never seem to get anywhere.


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              I feel the same a lot of the time and because I did a design degree, I get really frustrated with myself because I'm not using it in anyway at the moment. Although I'm trying to change that.

              Your work looks very individual and unique in style, don't start thinking you're not good enough.
              Sarah x

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                Wow, I've just had a look at you degree peices and I love the ring. What do you charge for pieces like that.


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                  I don't make jewelry but I know what I like and I like your stuff. If the interviewer made you feel like this they were rubbish at their job. How dare they leave you feeling like that.
                  Straighten your back, head up, shoulders back, that's it. You are probably too good for them anyway.
                  Please don't loose hope - theres always something around the next corner. I really believe that.
                  God helps them that help themselves.


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                    Originally posted by Critchley View Post
                    If the interviewer made you feel like this they were rubbish at their job..
                    Yup, Critchleys spot on there, just cos someone's in the position of interviewing people doesnt necessarily mean theyre any good at it or make the best choices

                    Just bobbed you a little note on another post too Clarey - chin up, always walk in confident and friendly and full of the best expectations - your good vibes will rub off on you and the people around you

                    Shaz x
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