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getting nervous now!!!

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  • getting nervous now!!!

    only one day to go now b4 the 2 day craft event im going to ..starting to get nervous now .i know i have got plenty of things to take with me .....but i just got that oh what if ppl dont kike the cards ive made feeling ...and the what if i dont sell anything feeling!
    does anyone else ever feel like this ???
    i think im a bit nervous as its the first time i will be taking bookatrix cards and not sure how they are going to go?
    anyway im still busy making tags to put on the boxes for the bookatrix cards!
    oh well no rest for the wicked!
    wendy xx
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    I'm always like that before a fair, get hardly any sleep the night before and up at the crack of dawn! Hopefully you'll do just fine, let us know. Good Luck, Selina


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      Im the same too , i have been doing fairs for a few years now and i still get a bit nervous about sales etc .
      I always have a mad last minute panic that i haven't got enough things as well and sew like mad on the day before the fair and then i end up with so much stock i have to take extra tables !!

      I hope you have a great time and i am sure you will sell lots !!

      Good luck
      Sara x
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        The problem with craft fairs is that you're selling items that you made and that you're happy with and it feels like a personal insult if other people don't like it too. What you have to remember is it's down to personal taste, plus, some people are just there 'window shopping' so, don't take anything personally. Having said that, I always got nervous before a craft fair, some fairs I sold loads, other fairs I did badly. I used to find, on the bad days, that all the other stall holders had a bad day too (so, it wasn't just my stuff that people weren't buying). Use the day as a learning experience, make a note of what people make a bee-line for then find out if it's the items themselves, or, where they are placed on the stand. If you can, take some business cards with you, let people know if you provide a bespoke service and, most importantly of all HAVE FUN

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          Very Good advice from Poppy!!

          Good Luck!!!

          Let us know how it went!!



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            Exactly what Poppy said. I don't know anyone who doesn't get nervous before a fair.

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              The others have probably said it all, but just to wish you well. We all get nervous and if we didn't it would probably be because we didn't care. My grandfather was a Welsh Baptist Minister all his life and he said that the first time he got into the pulpit without feeling nervous was the day he should give up. I know it is not exactly the same, but the principle works.

              The advantage with a two day event is that by the second day you know what you are going to and will have had time overnight to think of things you might display better, or stock you didn't put out that you should have done.

              People not buying is not a reflection on your work, as has been said - some people just have funny tastes!!! Seriously, we all like different things so there will be times when someone shops with you and times when the other person's goods catch their eye.

              Have a great two days and we will look forward to hearing how it went.


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                Thankyou all for the posts you have left ........... it really has made me calm (only a little tho)
                it isnt my first craft fair but i think because it a 2 day event is why im so nervous!
                but thankyou all and i will let you all know how it went xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                wendy xx
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                  Hope you enjoy your 2 day event Wendy, wishing you all the best with it

                  I've never done a 2 day fair but I imagine you're pretty tired after them, hope you get some nice recuperating time afterwards

                  Good luck
                  Shaz x
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                    I hope it all goes well for you. I'm in the same boat as I have got a 2 day event this weekend and I'm getting very nervous too. The problem is i've got a list of things i want to make before tomorrow and what i've got to pack but i'm at work until 5 and i cant wait to get home to get started!

                    Just out of interest, is your 2 day craft fair in carrington near boston?
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