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Thank you all..I finally did it!..:-)

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  • Thank you all..I finally did it!..:-)

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their advice and their support...(hope I picked the correct area to post this in?

    I finally did my card stall at the local farmers market...(Saturday 5th July)

    I roughly had a 6foot stall, basically a wooden slab on bales of straw, which I covered with a throw....

    The woman on the stall opposite told me that as this was my first ever time doing a stall, not to be too downheartened if I made absolutely nothing that it turned out, I made £47.50 and the stall cost £20, so I was quite proud..

    Very good positive feedback from people looking and many asked if I would be there in August (it is only held once a month)...I also had enquiries about the wedding stationery I do..()
    The only down side (and from looking at the pet peeves thread I can see I am not on my own here) is that I had one woman who picked up a card and after bending it and looking closely at it, I asked her if I could help, to which she told me that she was a girl guide leader and was looking fro something her guides could make quickly and easily to rasie money for their trip away this year...after I told her that all of my designs were copyright, she left quite quickly!

    The best news is that I have now been offered a permanent stall there each month for as long as I would like at a fixed rate of £20 and the organiser has said that she will not be allowing any other card stalls on the after networking with some of the stalls who make gift boxes etc..I thinkI am on to a winner!!!.....small to start with, but looking good and very much more enjoyable than working for someone

    Thank you for your encouragement though, as I don't think I would have done as well without the tips I gained from you guys on here...
    Saturday was a big learning curve and I still have more to learn, but hopefully this is the start of something good!

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    All good news then! Well done and I'm glad you had a good first event. Best of luck for the next ones!

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      Thats great! getting exclusivity is really important! Well done - you must have impressed them.


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        I'm really pleased that it went so well for you.

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          Well done to you

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            That's a great start and hopefully you can build on it as people get used to the fact you are there each month. Well done.


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              Well done!! And to be the only card stall for the future too - that is quite an achievement!!

              Hope that the next ones are really good for you!


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                Well done . Great start to your new found career


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                  Well done! Glad it all worked out well for you



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                    Well done, that's great news, and grrrr at the naughty card bending guide leader

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                      Well done, great news for you. Also people will get to know you if you are there each month and maybe you will get asked for special cards/comissions too, Selina