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  • Burglary update

    Hi everyone, Here is the update on the crime scene!!!!!!!!! Two very nice policemen came this morning and they think they have a good finger print from the door handle. It isn't mine but they yet to check Bob's in the morning. They said that there hasn't been speight of burglaries around here so not to dwell on it too much. When Bob is away I am going to borrow Jack the dog from the lady over the road. Jack is the dog I walk every day for her as the gardener never did turn up to reclaim him-(I've not gone potty,that is ANOTHER story from an earlier post!!!!! My neighbour will still have her dog to guard her and Jack can guard me.
    I have telephoned our builder and he is calling at tea time with a new door handle as when the policeman was fingerprinting it, it fell off!!!!!
    I will update after the finger prints have been sorted!!! Thankyou for all your concern and suggestions. I have a golf club ready for when Bob is away!!!!!! Sue xx

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    Oooo you poor thing having someone break in. I didnt read your earlier post about it!.

    I dont blame you for borrowing a doggy - I am never wihtout my two dogs - they follow me everywhere and if anyone comes within 30ft of the house I know about it - the best burglar deterent in the world!!!.

    Hope it all works out ok for you.
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      You need a super intelligent dog like gromit to build an anti burglary device. At least the police have been round to have a look. That's probably a relief.
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        oh i am sorry to hear this, will have to read your other posts.

        we have two jack russells and there's no one coming close to the house without them barking and scaring them off, I tell you!
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          Aw Jack to the rescue!

          Bless his little doggy heart - but bless your heart for taking the little guy walkies everyday Susie, I missed your other posts telling his story but having met you in real life chuck, I'm sure he fell for you straightaway!

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            dogs are great

            Glad the police arrived ok and I must agree with the others, dogs are great for noticing people when they are close by. I have 2 setters and if people don't know the dogs they will think twice about breaking in. I have been known to leave dogs mess in my garden when I've been on holiday as a deterrent, sorry if that was toooooooooo much info. cheers Linda
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              I think I missed your earlier post but sounds like you've had a traumatic time.I do hope you are OK.Dogs are definately the best deterrent, i wouldn't be without my boy even though if we had an intruder he'd probably lick them to death!!



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                I'm sure having the dog around will make you feel tons better ! What a great idea.


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                  I missed you earlier post about the break in, but it sounds rubbish.

                  My car was broken into a few weeks ago and it was really unnerving and down right annoying.

                  I hope everything gets back to normal soon and that Jack looks after you.


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                    Glad the police were helpful. And it must be reassuring knowing the doggy is there to protect you.



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                      Any updates??!!