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  • BOO HOO!!!!

    Hi all and thanks for the advice from those of you who replied to my posts...

    I joined the forum a little while ago with my first craft fair / farmers market looming on the horizon...
    Well....the craft fair / farmers market is this coming Saturday and typically I have half made a ton of card stock and now got the dreaded Flu!!!...

    Just wondering when I will get a

    I spent the last two days in bed feeling achey and shivery and very sorry for myself....finally managed to get to my craft room today and paniced when I saw how much has yet to be done!....

    Oh well, looks like I am going to be selling cards with a red moustache! you reckon the look will catch on??

    fingers crossed I will feel better for then, as I have put soooo..much time and money into setting up this new venture after being recently made redundant...anyone else been through this?
    Nutty Tigger (in progress)

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    good luck!

    Ahhh....Beechams Powders always does the trick for me! Good luck with your farmers' market - sure you'll be fine by Saturday. And yes, I think red mousaches are making a comeback this year ......

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    Crafters DON'T do housework!


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      Poor you! I hope you feel better soon


      "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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        Thanks for the sarcasm intended there then eh?

        Feeling better but will feel even more so when all of the cards I have made have inserts in them and boxes made...also when wedding stationery boards are completed...only got one made up fully, but just going to do another one with examples of toppers and card available etc....

        Beechams suggested...think I will try that with some whisky later......

        Cheers !
        Nutty Tigger (in progress)


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          The whisky bit sound good to me, purely for medicinal purposes
          (No sarcasm intended with the violin, I hate the flu it makes me feel so miserable and everything is just sooo much effort)

          "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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            hope you feel better soon and get your cards finished im sure you will be better by saturday
            Jan xx



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              I have red 'tash too - so yeah, very in vogue, just make sure you have the nice tissues or you will look like you have dried snot under your nose too.....

              You will be fine - its hard to judge what to take, so take everything and then you have more to replace what you sell. And if you sell out - well done and DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!


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                Poor you. Hope you soon feel better. You could always play on the sympathy vote!!


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                  Hope you feel better soon & good luck with getting everything done. Flu is not much fun



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                    good luck

                    shame you feel ill, fingers crossed for your fair/farmers market.
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