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    Hi All,

    I've recently been on a jolly jaunt to Llandudno and was surprised to discover a shop called ...Craft Land-udno!

    I'm not entirely sure the locals will be too happy at their name being messed about with in this way ...but it is worth a look if you are visiting. It's not what you might expect of a craft shop's more like one of those 'last seasons stock, buy up end of lines, stack 'em high and sell 'em cheap' kind of shops (if you know what I mean!) it's a bit rough and ready, but it's pretty big! Don't get me wrong, it's not dirt cheap ...but if I recall correctly, an example is peel off sheets were 3 for £1 ...that sort of thing.

    It appears to be run by two friendly chaps (I don't think they are local) who have seen an opportunity and grabbed it ...good luck to them is what I say.

    Has anyone else been?

    Fair Do

    PS - I have no connection with said business ...I just thought you might be interested if you find yourself in the area!

    Fair Do's!

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    That sounds really good! Wouldn't mind a look there myself. Could make it a day out!!!!! Sue xx


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      Ive nothing to do with the shop either but Ive been.

      I found the envelopes dirty cheap - I got tall slim envelopes not DL the slimmer ones in various colour ( I chose blue and pink) for 20 for only £1.00 !!!! They also had packs of different size envelopes for 50p

      There is a great saving on loads of things and everything ive bought has been good quality.

      I went bit mad and bought peel off, (yes they were 3 for £1 or antia peel off 50p), decoupage, glue, paper and many other bits and bobs but wont bore you with details.

      Defo worth a visit. But I think it kind of place that you cant guarantee that they will have the same things as they has before. The guy in the shop did say this about the envelopes.

      Sara x


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        Just thought I would share -

        We went to Llandudno yesterday and went to the shop called ...Craft Land-udno mentioned above (on the same street as woolworths but other end).

        They had lots of bargins im nothing to do with this shop but was very impressed with their prices. I didnt know what to buy first lol !!!!!!

        They had amongst-

        6x6 square envelopes - white/cream 25 for £1.00 thats 4p each
        6x6 square envelopes - pearlised silver 20 for £1.00
        A5 envelopes 15 for £1.00 including coloured/pearlised

        they sell all differnt sizes and colours. They aslo stock papers/peel offs cheap too and loads of other things.

        I came out with my purse a lot lighter.

        Sara x


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          Craft Land-udno

          Hi guys,

          Really appreciate all the comments mentioned above. We look forward to seeing you all in our shop very soon :-)


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            oooh, I'll definitely have to persuade hubby that a day trip to Llandudno is called for


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              They've got a website too. I've just ordered loads of stuff!!

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                I'm pretty certain I popped in there a little while back, I didn't buy anything (being good!) but was impressed by the range of stuff and prices.
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