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  • What's your hobby?

    I thought I would start this thread for those that can't join in with the day job one. I don't have much time for a hobby
    but love reading and chilling out with my boyfriend listening to music.
    Chris W.
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    I make jewellery in my spare time!!! Seriously though I play netball for 2 different teams twice a week. I'm also into American cars and have a 1994 Chevy Corvette with a 5.7 litre engine which I love driving very fast!!! though not much at the moment as I can't afford too much petrol!! With the rest of my time I spend hours on the computer as we have a villa in Florida that we rent out and it takes a big part of my time up. And no I don't sit still very often!! Selina


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      I enjoy reading chick lit books but once I start one, nothing gets done around the house until its finished (usually 2 or 3 days).

      When I'm not making jewellery or reading then I play computer games - the kind that my 17 year old calls "mind-numbingly boring" and only one step up from the original 1980's Space Invaders. My favourite online gaming site is

      I'm also involved in an ongoing duel with my hubby to see who can get the high score on a game called Bejeweled. It goes without saying that I'm currently leading with a best score of just under 2 million.
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        Once upon a time crafting used to be my escape but now I am frequently trying to escape from it! I suppose my biggest hobby (after crafting) has to be my veggie plot, but I also enjoy reading. Of course all of these things come second to keeping house for the six of us so I don't get much hobby time at all really!
        I have been telling myself for two years now that I'm going to start Yoga classes but I still haven't enrolled! Perhaps one day I'll get the chance.
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          Jewellery making is my obsession right now, so I spend plenty of time on that including a class once a week. I love reading and run two reading circles locally and usually have two or three books on the go at any one time. Up until I started having a problem with my wrist recently I played tennis twice a week but now I'm in the gym three times a week usually. The rest of my time is spent running the house and ferrying my 11 year old around either from school or to badminton lessons and tournaments most weekends. Oh yeah and my German Pointer needs to be walked and of course i spend oodles of time on the forum.


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            hi all, like someone else mentioned I have dogs to walk so that takes a bit of time, but I read a lot as I don't really watch the tv but I'm still watching Brokeback Mountain every couple of days, love listening to music also. At the moment making lots of wax melts as my 1st fair is almost upon me. Enjoy gardening when the weather permits.
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              Great thread!!! Well after card making, scrapbooking, jewellery making, pottery, stained glass and the kids I like to potter in my veggi patch too I'm on a fight to nothing with the snails I my garden but I will win one day LOL
              Ger xx

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                Well apart from the day job at the space factory and the photography for whoever will pay me and listening to good music with my lovely girl friend, the rest of my time is hobby.

                I don’t have a TV set so I read, I hate gardening so I cook, ironing is something that others do so I think! I tinker with ideas and have even been known to make a bit of jewellery. The rest of the time I sleep or make something out of cardboard, wood, plastic or just fix things that may or may not need fixing!

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                  Originally posted by auntynet View Post
                  I'm also involved in an ongoing duel with my hubby to see who can get the high score on a game called Bejeweled. It goes without saying that I'm currently leading with a best score of just under 2 million.
                  Oooh when I went to India earlier this year all the films on the plane were rubbish so I ended up playing this for hours, it really was addictive and made the 10 hour flight literally fly by

                  I've just started a new hobby of growing veg, we don't have any soil in our garden so they are all in tubs - tomatoes, raddish, cabbage, beetroot, onion and I've just bought some seeds for 6 different herbs. Really enjoying it and it sounds like it's a popular hobby if these answers are anything to go by
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                    My best friend keeps telling me to try growing veg.. but I don't have a garden and I'm not very green fingered, I seem to either over or under water everyhing :-( I like the idea though..

                    Hobbies.. well, when I'm not making things for the business, I make other bath and body products and soaps just for me, so that's a hobby, although it's very close to 'work'!, I love it all though.

                    Jewellery making and card making are hobbies, but I don't have the time to do those much any more.

                    I do like having a long relaxing bath with a fluffy chick lit book, but I say that even my baths are work now as I'm usually testing a new product!! But that is a pretty good job to have!


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                      Ive just got back into card making but i dont have much time for that, so just make cards when i need them. I love cars, so when i can, mainly weekends i work on mine or my boyfriends. Plus its show season so the past few weekends we've been at random shows around the country.

                      What i really miss though and want to start doing again is drawing. I havent drawn properly since i left college. I found my portfolio the other day and was looking at everything i do. Now i have a list of all the things i want to draw, and i want to paint a picture aswell, which is strange as i'm hopeless at painting. Maybe one day i'll have the time


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                        My hobbies are sewing of course. Other than that I love gardening; we have runner beans, parsnips, tomatoes, radishes, garlic, onions, pak choi, strawberries and of course pea pods this year - so that lot keeps me busy. I love painting and decorating, cooking and looking after my kiddies and hubby.

                        Some days when it's sunny I am torn between sewing or tidying up the garden and in the end get neither done because I come on the forum instead!!!!!!!!!!


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                          Well I suppose card making is my hobby, which has turned into a small business to make a few pennies to pay for it!!!! Apart from that I love reading and gardening (but I am a fair weather gardener). I too am having a battle with the snails or slugs that are invading my veg patch (posh name for a small patch!!) and it is a battle as to whether the line of lettuces grow fast enough to beat them!

                          Enjoy cooking and am heavily involved at the moment in our church's fund raising event in the summer - see second web link in signature.


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                            I love Formula 1 motor racing, I'm a huge Raikkonen fan. I love second guessing strategies, tactics, fuel loads etc. etc. And NO (before anyone says it) they don't just go round and round in circles!!!

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                              My craft is my hobby - that would be quilling. Also like reading, and really enjoy visiting other countries!!
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