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Are creative people left handed ?

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  • Are creative people left handed ?

    Following on from the star sign here is a poll to see who is a lefty vs a righty
    I'm left handed
    I'm right handed

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    I'm right handed but my son and daughter are both left handed - does that count?



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      im right handed and so are all my daughters my grandson is left handed
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        I'm right-handed but can do some things (better) left-handed, like unscrewing bottle caps! (?)

        Also, if you're following on from the Star sign poll, shouldn't you include 'ambidextrous' in this one?
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          I'm left handed, but most of us who are have gotten so used to have to put up with things made for right handed people that we can pretty much do most things with both. I got told of at school for being left a very cross nun....with a guitar (naturally).
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            I'm both (just to be awkward lol). I was originally left-handed but was made to sit on my left hand and forced to use my right hand. I write with my right hand now, but wear my watch on my right wrist and automatically reach for things with my left. I also use my knife and fork backwards

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              I'm right-handed but am a lot more mobile with my left hand since doing silversmithing and jewellery making, and I can only solder left-handed!



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                I went to art college with a pal who is left handed, but Im right handed.Ive carried on being crafty but she hasnt, does this effect anything?


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                  I'm right handed. We don't really know about the boys yet as they are not quite the age to start writing properly although I think the youngest may be left handed like his great uncle.


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                    Looking pretty even at the moment. My family consists of 2 left handed people and 2 right handed people. I'm the crafty person (and right handed). The rest are pretty much craft no go zones.... unless you count my dad - left handed and good at DIY.
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                      I cant really vote as im both like pagan. anything i wasnt forced to do with my right i will go left. I iron left handed and wring the mop wrong way and unscrew the handle when i wring it in the bucket LOL. sometimes i pick up a item and both hands feel wrong for a while. Crossed wires me thinks.

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                        I'm a righty, but have learnt to do some things left handed when I've been shown how to do it by a lefty!
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                          I'm right handed, but I use my cutlery as if i were left handed, my mum would always moan at me when i was younger! Ha, not anymore she cant!
                          I have 5 siblings, only my older sister is a leftie...**wondering where she came from** lol!

                          righties are in the lead....

                          I can roll my tongue too!


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                            I'm a lefty (like Dad) with two right-handed siblings and I have always been the "artistic/creative" one. Married to a righty with whom I have a right-handed son who is also artistic. Always wear my wrist watch* on the right arm and answer the phone with that hand so I have my left hand free to write.
                            *had to split that word in two as it got censored when I ran it together!!


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                              Originally posted by glasskanvas View Post
                              I'm left handed, but most of us who are have gotten so used to have to put up with things made for right handed people that we can pretty much do most things with both.
                              Absolutely! I find left-handed scissors awkward cos I learnt with 'normal' ones and played cricket right-handed too. Love to blame my left-handedness for anything I can't do well - get hubby to open tins cos I'm soooooo cack-handed doing it. If I write with my right hand (as I often end up doing if I'm on the phone) it's actually pretty readable.
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