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Anything Bad happened to you today ??

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  • Anything Bad happened to you today ??

    Well it is Friday the 13th

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    Our shower broke this morning..........Need new one. I burnt my toast and ofcourse it was last of loaf. Husband accidentally smashed cafeteire!

    My entire road is dug up by the water board.......3 clients due to pick up (and pay for) orders this morning gave up trying to get down road and phoned to say they will pick up next week.

    And we will have no water supply until 8pm tonight.....this is 5th time this month our water has been switched off

    But it`s a good excuse to go to the pub for tea!


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      I've just stubbed my toe on a chair - does that count?!


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        Today has been pretty reasonable - yesterday was not good:

        Car service took 3 hours instead of 2 and needed new brake discs and pads so it all cost more than I was expecting.
        Got held up in traffic for 15 minutes on the way to the dentist's - I'd allowed 10 minutes over the expected time.
        I have a tooth abcess - got antibiotics for a week now and was horrified at the prescription charge (haven't had a prescription for about 15 years!). Darn thing kept me awake for most of the night so I am a bit tired now.
        When we got back from the pub quiz last night there was a phone call from my friend to say her cat was very poorly. I've just had an e-mail to say the cat had to be rushed to the emergency vet and had had a brain haemorrhage and had to be put down

        Today is definitely better so far.



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          A months worth of bills came out of my bank account this morning instead of Monday morning....leaving me with no pennies all weekend! I'm sure the rest of the day will be marvellous though!
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            Blow! Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn't realised. Now I'll be just waiting for something bad to happen!!


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              I have felt sick for most o9f the day.A 20 minute queue at the post office, a cat crossing my path and I woke up and once again I hadnt turned into Winona Ryder!!


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                OH was born on friday 13th so we regard it as lucky in this house.
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                  I think basically that the whole of June has been bad for me so far so today is not noticeably different!

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                    C'mon guys, it's a great day, the sun is shining, the music is blaring (that might just be me - listening to the veils if anyone's heard of 'em)

                    I just wrote a report in one hour flat - just doing the figures and I am all finished and can go home!


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                      Originally posted by woodtattoos View Post
                      I think basically that the whole of June has been bad for me so far so today is not noticeably different!

                      I beat ya, the last few years have been awful for me.

                      My birthday is also on a 13th and Ive had a couple of birthdays on a friday, but I dont consider it unlucky.


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                        Well thankyou very much for reminding me its Friday 13th!!!! - I'd happily forgotten (all the days just seem to blur into one at the moment so I hardly know whether its day or night never mind what date!). Nothing awful has happened yet (touch wood) and hopefully it'll stay that way!.
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                          I've had a meeting at Salford University.

                          Train going from Kirkham no problem - I got there 20 mins early (gold star for me!)

                          Coming back was a different story - all trains out of Manchester were delayed and delayed even more. Then they decided the ones to Blackpool North (that stop at Kirkham) would not stop there so had to get off and change in Preston for a train that was delayed by over half an hour.

                          So I got a hot chocolate and burnt my mouth and tongue on it......

                          But, to be honest, thats a normal day for me and trains!! As I tend to get a lot of trains!!

                          Eeee, the sun is shining in Kirkham and the birdies are tweeting and I've got 65 emails in my in box (in just over 2 hours since I last got shut of them) so they can wait!!!!!!!!!


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                            Originally posted by woodtattoos View Post
                            I think basically that the whole of June has been bad for me so far so today is not noticeably different!


                            Oh dear Si. Nothing that can`t be fixed, I hope.

                            Our water is back on, although it`s manky water and we can`t drink it yet. Atleast I water my veg patch now.


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                              My 2 year old trapped his toes underneath the door this morning, good start to the day, it involved blood, lots of tears and a dummy. The rest of the day has been ok - so far.

                              thisd is the way I'm feeling at the monent. They are driving me bonkers!!!!!!!!!!!

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