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  • **Personalised Card Swap**

    When I did my wedding card/hanger article I thought (and still think) the card looked very bare and boring.

    Plain card - but a great hanger (obviously!)
    (Note- the hanger is the bit that hangs from the card)

    Anyway, whilst thinking about that yesterday I had a swap idea pop into my head!! …

    Pairs ~ card with hanger swap
    Working in pairs - 1 card/paper crafter & 1 other crafter* paired together to create 2 cards with hangers for their swap partners.

    The paper crafter does the 2 main card designs with backing papers etc? – The other crafter creates 2 hangers for the cards. Both will have to discuss colour schemes and design ideas. (Plus one person will need to put the final card together.)

    *other crafters materials - wood/wax/beads/fabric etc – as long as it will work as a hanger on the card and is not too heavy.

    So for example –
    (Using tip top as an example)

    Tiptop would make 2 card designs and I would make 2 fabric hangers to compliment TT’s design (and visa versa). I would then send my 2 finished hangers to TT and she would finish the cards off before sending one each to our swap partners.

    The 2 cards should be different and personal to each swap partner – and must be personalised (either with a name or other wording) for each swap partner.

    (Either person can personalise the card.) You should also discuss how large the card will be & what size the hanger is going to be so the card crafter can work around that size.

    Only problem is we will no doubt have more card crafters than fabric/other?? So might have to do a first to sign up gets paired first.

    Anyway - what do you think? Do you fancy having a go??
    I've added a 'how to make' on my website of the one I made (above), but it's simply a fabric piece stretched over cardboard with ribbon to attach to the card.
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