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  • What's the day job?!

    Following on from *Karen*s thread....

    Those of you, like me, who don't craft full time, what's your day job?!

    I work in marketing so am lucky that it's creative. I'm Assistant Brand Manager and so do loads of things from the website, to advertising and new product's good fun but very hard work!

    What do you do?

    Love LittleGems x

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    im a teaching assitant and dinner lady i love working with the kids they are so funny !
    wendy xx
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      DH and I run a dairy farm together so we are both self employed ( overworked and underpaid ) I do all the form filling and accounts, help out with the cows when needed, feed calves, the occasional bit of milking, calving, getting cows out of 10 foot deep ditches -yesterdays job - and fetching supplies. Oh and chief cook and bottle washer.
      On the census form I put Farm Administrator Hee Hee but I am actually a glorified go-fer.



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        I work at a university

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          My main job is accounts in an art and craft shop, which is fantastic with the 20% off all the craft items.

          I am also the art and craft class coordinator so I can be very creative in choosing what to do and I also end up going on a lot of the classes too!
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            I work for a text answering service called Any Questions Answered (if you google it you'll find them). It's fun (if you like football trivia, train timetables & lonely hearts columns!) & I get to work from home which is great for me as I have 2 little boys to manage too.

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              Maths teacher but currently not one as I am going to be moving in 2 weeks time!


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                Originally posted by peggyprints View Post
                I work at a university
                Which one my Oh works at Manchester uni.

                I am a schoolcrossing patrol . lots of spare time to when I'm not visiting schools giving safety talks.
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                  I did run my jewellery business full time up until this week when I found out I've been offered a part-time job as a visual merchandiser for a jewellery company. Its perfect only 5 hours a week, with the opportunity of more hours.

                  It allows me to carry on with my own work but also gives me a break so I don't get fed up of it.
                  Sarah x

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                    I work in project coordination in automotive business services. The job is a bit dry at times as I do a lot of data analysis & spreadsheet work, but it's a great firm to work for, so I've stayed here for a whole 10 years!!!

                    I was really touched recently, for my 10 years service at the beginning of May the company gave me £100 of vouchers for a shop of my choice, and paid for a meal at a restaurant for me and OH.

                    I would love to turn jewellery making / design or even painting into a full time job, but realistically it will never pay the bills so will remain a hobby. (My paintings will never ever be good enough to sell anyway!!)

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                      Occupational Therapist by day, Mum, chief cook and bottlewasher and doll maker by night!



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                        Show us your paintings lady luck - I bet they're beautiful!

                        Love LittleGems x


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                          I like that some people work in creatice jobs...ahhh, the life!

                          I have just got a job as a support/project worker working for a massive housing group. I'll be supporting the young single mums. I cant wait till i get started properly.


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                            What, only 24 hours in a day!

                            My day job, I work as a Senior Environmental Test Engineer providing the test conditions for testing Spacecraft and Spacecraft mechanisms, The rest of the Time I take photographs for leading merchandises.

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                              Well I do work full time with my various sites...but...I think I'm going to go back to work as a bar manager. I kind of miss the social aspect of working there-the only people I get to talk to during the day at the mo are Phil, Fern and the girls at the PO!
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