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  • Lucky escape

    I've just been pulled over for speeding on my way home - was doing 42 apparently in a 30. But nice Mr Policeman let me off, he asked if I had any points on my licence or if I'd ever had any in my 15 years of driving (answer is no to both) and checked everything was in order on my car (tax, tyres etc). Didn't even get a 7 day wonder which is flippin' lucky as my driving licence (wherever it may be ) is still in my maiden name and my other documents in my married name.

    Must ring hubby and warn him so he doesn't get caught on the way home as he's not such a goodytwoshoes as me and likely to get the points and fine.
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    Lucky, lucky girl

    I'm sure you need to change your driving licence to your married name, if you had to show your docs at the police station you could've been in trouble.

    We're quite lucky round here, everyone flashes you if the police are speed trapping.


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      no no! Having your documents wrong is a great help! As is talking! I got pulled about 12 months ago for jumping a red light, that I didnt even notice. I was in the car with my ex, and the police man got me in the police car and asked me who I was with. I said my friend, although if you ask him he might say hes my boyfriend, or he might not i dont know. we did go out years ago, but were just freinds now, although i think he want to get back together with me, but i dont know he might do he might not, its very confusing. then he sed where are you going, i sed i picked him up from work n which is in the technology park, and we were going to go for a drink, but then we couldnt be bothered so were going to his house, or my house, we havnt decided which yet, and were going to watch a dvd or something and have a chat. and so i continued replying to all his very straight forward questions with an answer that would rival war and peace in length, until i think the police man was so fed up of me he sed just go!
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        I think my driving licence has my married name but I'm not sure whether it has my correct address as I haven't seen it for over 10 years now and no idea where it is.
        My mum used that ploy in a reply to the tax dept who wanted to know all about her earnings and savings etc as they had no records. She wrote a two page letter explaining how she had worked for 15 years and every week the money was taken out of her wages and if it hadn't gone to them where had the money gone blah blah blah
        She never heard from them again.