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Smart home setup anyone?

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  • Smart home setup anyone?

    I will be starting my renovation pretty soon. Watched an episode of tiny house nation and they have installed some smart features into the system like turning off lights, lowering blinds or turn on the aircon with voice command.

    Anyone has done anything like that? I'm interested in the blinds. Not sure if I'm gonna do any of these. Will appreciate if anyone who has done similar things to share their experiences.

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    I use Alexa to turn on/off our garden lights and a lamp in the living room via TP-Link smart Plugs, but that's about as far as I have ventured down the 'smart-home' road. At my age (69 now) I need to keep on the move rather than depend on wizardry to do my bidding! 😀


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      I have motion/light detectors and schedules.

      It's great to just walk into my study and have all the lights come on the appropriate setting depending on time of day. Wanna get a smart home temperature system like the one reviewed here . Keep you posted on how it works
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