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  • hidy

    sorry I haven't been around.Have been really busy with work.The greenhouse is over flowing with plants and I am spending everyday planting and watering. Maybe when all the lil babies are put safely in the ground I may have a bit more time.............Till then ((((((((((((hugs)))))))) to all and hope to see you soon
    Shabby Neesey

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    So nice to hear from you.. May all your plants thrive and flourish

    Cheers Janice


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      hello my garden suddenly gone mad washed windows yesterday got cushions out and put sunshade on my swinging chair hope i havent put it up to early
      Jan xx


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        Thanks Janice they are like my babies now..............
        Jan think you will be good now to get all the summer gear out..........

        here sre some pics of my greenhouse I took about 3 weeks ago

        Shabby Neesey


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          Wow, your greenhouse looks fantastic. I am jelous!. I have just got my first greenhouse this year and am growing lots of veg etc. for my little veg garden. They are all in the early stages as yet but hopefully I will have a better year than last year when everything got waterlogged!!!.
          by Nicki

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            Hello fellow Green fingered one! I haven't been around much either but it's nice to "meet up" again!

            I am so jealous of all that growing space! You should see my greenhouse! It is tiny and is full of all my gardening paraphenalia. I have only just got the gardening bug in the last couple of weeks but even though the mind is willing the body is worn out and wilting in the heat already! Sorted the shed out today but it was sooooo bloomin' hot here that I ended up with a headache and had to have a lie down!
            I am definately feeling a bit torn between crafting and the garden and at the moment my gardening blog is getting updated more than my craft blog!
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              Hi Neesey!

              Wow, no wonder you've been so busy, your greenhouse looks choc-a-bloc ram-jam full of beautiful growing things - how gorgeous

              Make plants whilst the sun shines and we'll chat more once all the hard work tails off a bit

              Shaz x
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