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flexible silicone cake "tins"

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  • flexible silicone cake "tins"

    I'm looking into getting a Kugelhopf tin, as I have a recipe for kugelhopf that looked quite nice. So far I've found copper (expensive), non-stick or silicone.

    I was thinking the cake (as above!) could be quite tricky to get out of the mould. Has anyone used the silicone "tins" or not? I've only ever used non-stick metal ones, so am unsure if I really want to go down the silicone route as I don't want it to be a disaster!
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    ....muffins are the only thing I've baked using a silicone mould. They were easy enough as long as I put a baking tray underneath the mould, or it slipped through the wire oven shelf. I don't know if the cake sticks to the silicone though, as I always use muffin papers.

    The only other silicone mould I've used was yesterday helping Himself with chocolates. Silicone is great for chocolate.

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      ive got silocone muffin and cake moulds only used muffin they are good but as post before said put them on a baking sheet
      Jan xx


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        I dont have a silicone Kugel-dude-thingy mould but I know they have one in the Wonderflex range - I've used their flexible loaf and muffin moulds and theyre really good, nothing sticks at all so I'm guessing they should be great for that lovely fancy cake you want to do

        Save us a slice!

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          Oh no!!

          Oh no!! Because of the extension I have been throwing loads of stuff out and I threw a silicone one of those because I had never used it!!! You could have had it!! I am so sorry!! Sue xx


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            Thanks, I'll definitely have a think about it!
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            'I am sure it must hurt your eyes to work filigree by candlelight.' - Jane Austen