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  • Tuggle Costs

    been looking at selling my stuff (not jewellery) on Tuggle.

    What do people think of it? What are the costs in setting up?

    Ive seen swirly's gorgeous chickens on there, is anyone else there?

    any opinions on it, gratefully recieved.

    With love
    xx pixiedoodles

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    There are lots of threads on here about Tuggle, some of which I have contributed to. My personal opinion would be to give it a miss. My experience was bad, no communication whatsoever and when I joined in the debates here I was told my Tuggle shop would be closed as I had said negative things. Pop Tuggle into the search bar and you will find everything you need to know.

    Hope this helps


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      I'm on Tuggle and have been since March. I paid £95 for the year and they take 10%. There was a more expensive option with no comission but I can't remember how much for and an even cheaper on which I think had 25% commission.
      I've only sold one item, so its been very slow, but its early days.
      When I asked about hits and sales I was told they get 40,000 hits per day with approximatly 180-200 sales per day - but they are not coming my way! I do not know the items which are selling well - maybe the baby/kids stuff does much better.
      Personally, if I'd read the comments on here before I joined, I wouldn't have bothered.
      Hope this helps.


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        Those are some amazing stats...

        PLEASE note hits are not visitors many people make that mistake..

        Here is an example of one of my server stats..

        1/2 a stats:
        Hits 57,216
        Total Unique IPs 4,747
        Some 700-1000 would have been bots thus 3,800 to 4,000 visitors ..

        Technical definition of a hit
        each file sent to a browser by a web server is an individual hit.
        But the sales sound amazing..

        Really great if tuggle is getting 180-200 sales per day...

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          Might be nice if Tuggle published their figures to back up their statements. Judging by the comments here I fail to see how they are selling that much every day.


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            Ezzyam - I have to agree and yes I would like to see some official figures.





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              I did sell on there till today! I emailed them last night to say I want to close my shop. I'm so disappointed with what happened to Penny and just don't want to a part of it or be associated with them anymore.

              All these Tuggle threads on here and other forums aren't doing them any favours at all.

              I do wish them lots of success and am very sad to shut my shop,as I've been with them from the very start, but I’ve just had enough.
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                Sam you are so sweet, thank you for your support.