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GSCE's start tomorrow

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  • GSCE's start tomorrow

    My son Conner's GSCE's start tomorrow and I am up to high doh!!! (No not Homer Simpson). I can't believe they have came round so quickly. He has Art tomorrow, Chemistry next Thursday, can't remember the dates for the rest but he is sitting physics, computing and modern studies (he sat English and Maths last year as his school decided to bring the English and Maths forward to 3rd year to let them concentrate more on their other exams).

    I know what he will say when I ask him how he gets on tomorrow - a big resounding FINE!!! Is that all teenagers say when you ask them something?

    Sorry off on a rant.



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    Joe had his first art one on Tuesday and then his second art is on Friday. Then he's got a gap until 19th may when they start in earnest.

    And yes Lisa he got on "fine" too!
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      I remember when I sat my GCSEs, it was a nightmare, cramming before, stressing and panicking, I think its a girl thing, the boys never looked to stressesd out!

      At least he's not affected by the teachers strike!

      Hope it all goes well for him!


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        But it's only April. They seem very early!!! I don't remember seeing anything but art exams for my hubbys school starting yet - the girls haven't even gone on study leave. They keep getting mocks instead (err, sorry apparently they are called trials - like there's a difference!)
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          Big Exams....

          ...#1 son had his two final Chemistry exams yesterday, for his Master's degree.

          He went into the exam hall at 8.30am, didn't come out until 12noon for lunch and then returned for another exam until gone 6pm. He said it was the best exam he's done. Fingers crossed that he's not being over-confident.

          But you know what? It was his 22nd birthday yesterday!! What a crud way to spend your birthday.....

          He's now got until 30th May to perfect his disertation (sp) and then he has to do a presentation on his disertation in June. His grad ceremony is July and then that's him done.....4 years Uni seemed to take about 5 minutes....

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