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  • Almost good news

    I say almost cos its not confirmed yet but all last week I was really worried cos its costing me so much in diesel (is it going up £1 every day or what?!?!?!?! ) that I thought I'd have to leave that new temp job I started and look for something closer to home and more money. So I told the agency early last week and was waiting to hear what my new boss had to say once she heard...

    ...and Friday she called me in and said, if she could get me the payrise I'd need to afford to stay, would I? Bless her little cotton socks. So I've to tell her what I need and she's to look at her budgets and, fingers crossed, we'll be able to come to some agreement this week

    And she's promised to mention my NLP Pract qualification to the mental health team in case she can get me some work training their team or something

    Keep whatever you can cross crossed for me! can uncross em to go the loo though!

    Shaz x
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    i wiil keep everything crossed for you and the price of diesel is terrible im waiting for the 5p of a litre to start again at the supermarket
    Jan xx


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      I've got my fingers crossed for you. I hope it all works out just as you want.
      Anice xx
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        I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you - good luck.

        I know diesel is shocking - it did seem to be that every time I drove passed my local garage the price of diesel had went up by another 1p. We have now got the threat of Grangemouth Refinery going on strike in Scotland so everyone is panic buying!!


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          Fingers crossed Shaz - hope it works out for you.


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            Everything crossed for you.
            I hope it works out. You seem to have became part of the team so quickly I'm sure they would be upset to lose you as well.

            Cheers Janice


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              Wow good luck, it's nice they want to keep you must make you feel good!

              The price of diesel and petrol is frightening, if it makes you feel better, we have a couple of old gass guzzlers, the Reo (us army) does 10 to the gallon on a straight run and the willys jeep does 15 if we're lucky!! good job they are only recreational!!

              Good luck with your pay rise, drinks on you!!


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                tesco has the 5p off if you spend over £50 in store, I think, I was given one yesterday anyway.

                I will be using approximately 90 litres of fuel this week I reckon

                That's loads of pounds!


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                  I've got everything crossed and have spoken to my little Angel of wishes

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                    ooh yes good luck and fingers crossed, I hope you get the pay rise you deserve!

                    I found this on Martin Lewis' website, might be handy for you too. I used it to find the cheapest petrol station and it was about 3p a litre better than one I'd been going to before.


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                      Good luck!

                      If you don't ask, you'll never know!!