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  • I need a hug

    Has anyone had this tummy bug?

    I woke up this morning, got out of bed, fell into the bed knob at the bottom of the bed, staggered downstairs like a drunk and was sick all over my freshly clean kitchen floor i washed yesterday.

    My vision is all blurry, my tummy is all squiggly and sick, and i'm all dizzy.
    How long is this going to go on for? Its only been 3 hours and i feel dreadful.

    Im stuck in Reading, i am supposed to get the train back to Bath at 11:56, but i cant make it .

    I just want my mummy

    Is there any medicine i can take?
    Av xx
    Sprinkles Sparkles

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    oh no, poor you

    Pepto-bismol is good stuff, it's bright pink so you can't miss it in the supermarket!! It tastes vile, but really stops you feeling queasy and calms your stomach down. I took it once when I had food poisoning and it helped a lot.

    Hope you feel better x

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      sorry your feeling so awful im sending you a hug there is some stuff you can take for dodgy tummy i think its called endocalm but you can getsomething for holiday tum at chemist but i dont know if will work hope you fel better soon
      Jan xx


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        It sounds like Norovirus.............I've had it. It's vicious, but only lasted 24 hours with me - and a week to recover! If it's urgent to get rid of it you could try something like Immodium.


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          Thanks all

          I have just msn'd my best mate to get my some pepto bismol or endocalm, i found Imodium in the cabinet, but i dont have runny poo yet

          I bet i got it from those diseased people on Casualty 1907 last night.
          Im going to end up like rice crispy boy

          ps: this forum is also a good medicine
          Av xx
          Sprinkles Sparkles


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            Get Well Soon

            My tip would be not to eat anything until you are sure the bug has gone, a doctor once recommended Pepsi for my son who had it for a week.
            Chris W.
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              Can't recommend anything...the ******** is probably the best place for that but I am sending you a ((((((((BIG HUG)))))))))) hope all gets better soon



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                Hi hun, I thought I'd escaped it! all my family had it- daughter really bad

                And now, everyone is fit and well and i need a bucket!!!!

                Sending you a germ ridden hug (sorry) and hope you wil be better soon.
                With love



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                  I'm useless for taking things to make me feel better - I just think my body can fight it on its own!! It took me a week to go to the GP's some years ago when I had severe food poisioning - it was only the fact I 'thought' I'd lost some weight (a stone and when I only weighed 8 and a bit it was quite a lot to loose!) I decided I'd better get checked out.....!!

                  A train journey in any fit state is pants at the best of times, so good luck with that!!

                  Hope you're feeling better soon!


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                    Originally posted by Sprinkles View Post

                    I bet i got it from those diseased people on Casualty 1907 last night.


                    Runny poo's the worst, especially when it violently erupts and your not in a safe place.

                    Have you tried mint tablets to ease the stomach pains.
                    My tummy goes dodgey every now and again and I take peppermint tablets/liquid or even peppermint tea and it eases it.


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                      Oh you poor thing ! Here is a big <<HUG>> and can only echo the recommendations for pepto bsimol and possibly sipping coke in between (just remember to try and keep hydratedor and even if it does seem to come up some of it will be kept down).


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                        Poor you!

                        Ginger is really good for a bad tum.

                        I quite often feel pukey and keep ginger capsules in just incase.

                        Do you have to travel today or can you leave a day or so???


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                          Ugh poor you (and Beadstudio) that's not fun. I spent yesterday morning standing over my eleven year old as he threw up - luckily in the right place - but by lunchtime he was asking to eat and spent the rest of the day stuffing his face! You can't take a train journey when you feel so bad. Don't like the sound of blurry vision, if you get worse you must at least talk to your doctor or a pharmacist. Take care.


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                            I'm led on the sofa with the pink duvet and my laptop and loose women on the TV.
                            I tried to sleep, but being led down felt like i was going to pop.

                            I hope you feel better too Beadstudio. Its a right pain

                            I made the mistake earlier of eating some toast, glass of milk and a cup of tea. It felt like a hangover, but just with out the alcohol.

                            I'm leaving the train journey until tomorrow.
                            The trains aren't too bad as its a direct train London Pad to Bristol Temple Meads, and i get on and off in the middle.
                            They are usually on time, and as i get them in the middle of the day the stations and trains are usually quite empty.

                            I've got a nice cold glass of water. Well yucky infact. Im just saying to myself its a nice vodka lime and lemonade!
                            Av xx
                            Sprinkles Sparkles


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                              Hope you feel 100% soon. I had that Norovirus around Christmas time, it was horrible. The whole family went down with it within 2 days.
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