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  • Need Help With Felt Please

    Need some help please .

    Have booked several large craft shows this year. I was advised ages ago to try and expand my range (not just make horseshoes )

    So having been inspired to make buttonholes/bouqets/wreaths that I am still perfecting.

    I went and bought some wee soft toy horses. My idea being to decorate them with a ribbon bridle and matching numnah . Theres where I come unstuck all you talented people who sew have my utmost respect cos I CANT...

    I thought I could cut the shapes from felt and apart from decorating them no sewing would be required. If you would be so kind to tell me where I get brightly coloured felt idealy pink/liliac/blue . Would like it even better if you could supply me with it and that way I know I have bought the right felt.

    Thanking you in advance .


    P.S If this doesn't work any want 100 wee horses....