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Please help, your opinion is needed!!!

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  • Please help, your opinion is needed!!!


    Calling all those who run their own shops, could you please help I need some advice.

    What is the best way for a crafter to approch you with their products? (for wholesale/sale return)

    Is it best to just turn up and say Hi this is me, make contact via the phone, send a letter or at a trade fair?

    Also if none of these apply how do you find products for your shops (apart from the ones you make).

    I really look forward to you advice, it will definatly help a confused crafter move forward.


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    I'd be interested in any answers to this one too as I'm thinking of approaching some of my local shops

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      Hi Ann,
      I am a shop owner and often get asked if I am interested to buy various items. The most common approach is someone will first test the water by popping in my shop, introducing themselves and then making an appointment to return at a more convenient time. This is best because I will decide in advance how much I am prepared to spend and am very likely to buy something. Sometimes people just turn up with items and if I have the time I will look at what they have and may buy off them but it could be that I have already spent my spare funds on stock and don't need anything. If someone telephones me first I am unlikely to take it further because I would feel obligated to buy and I haven't yet seen them or thier stock.
      Normally I buy my stock from wholesalers on the internet. I have items that I sell on a regular basis so I always need to use reliable suppliers.
      Shop trade is seasonal so keep that in mind. I will be stocking for Christmas around September so that is a good time to approach, I might run low the last few weeks of December if I am busy so that can be a good time too. Now is also a good time as people start to spend when the weather makes them feel cheerful. In fact next week I will be spending quite a bit to restock my shop. Actually it's quite difficult knowing what to buy, I have to play it safe and also take risks so the shop isn't boring.
      Hope that is helpful, feel free to ask me for more info.
      Chris W.
      Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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        Thankyou Chris for the information, its great to hear your opinion.

        In fact that is how I found my first and at the moment only outlet, just by starting a conversation.