Thanks for taking the time to look at this challenge!

The charity FARM-Africa has just launched a creative challenge called 'Pimp this Goat.'

Search for 'PimpthisGoat' on Google and click on the Pimp this Goat tumblr blog.

FARM-Africa is asking supporters to make a £5 donation and in return they will receive a shiny, new, model goat.

The challenge is simple: Pimp your Goat! Dress it up, give it some sparkle, make it some bling, then take a photo and post it to the Pimp this Goat flikr group.

More about FARM-Africa

FARM-Africa is an international development charity that works with farmers and herders in eastern Africa, providing them with the tools and training to grow food, care for their livestock and to use their natural resources sustainably.

It is a really worthwile cause, and a pretty cool challenge.