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  • Give it a Story

    There are a few people (including me) who are lacking motivation so i thought i would think up a challenge to get the creative juices flowing (i hope that is ok?)

    For this challenge, whatever you make must come with a story.

    Your piece can be inspired by a true story, it can be inspired by a fairytail or nursery rhyme or can come with a made up story. It's entirely up to you!

    Please tell us the story when you post your images

    I hope you choose to join in and enjoy the challenge!

    **This challenge is just for fun and There are no winers and no prizes**


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    Here's a cross stitch pattern that I made a few years ago. It was for my friend's wedding and I wanted to make her a wedding announcement that had a personal touch to it. One of the things that she was really excited about was having a harpist play during her ceremony - she had listened to him play and absolutely loved it! This was very important to her, so the pattern I designed had a harp, their names and their wedding date. She loved it!
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      As you all know by now, I have numerous aged relatives, two of which are Aunts, sisters of my Mother. Aunty Lily was 90 at the weekend and we all duly attended her party organised and catered for by herself. (I hope I take after her). Lovely party, great food. She moved in with her boyfriend when she was 84 and every now and again the other Aunt rings me and says "Arthur is in the dog house again, they haven't spoken for a couple of days" so for her birthday gift I made the cushion below with a Dog House on the back for Arthur. True story.

      I should mention that she is so dog orientated that they come first and formost in her life, hence the arguments with the said Arthur.
      God helps them that help themselves.