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      I just got stuck in a cupboard upstairs and frightened my self some more!! Think I will leave early and go home to my empty house instead!

      Also I realise that the name of the ghost guide has been stared out! He is Richard Starr - quite a celeb of the supernatural world!!


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        "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy", as the Bard said. Science is a wonderful tool, and our rational thought has made us what we are, but we don't know and understand everything, and we probably never will...

        I believe that one should thoroughly investigate all things, and find the logical explanation when it is there - after all, we can easily be fooled by design, by accident or by circumstance. But, be willing to accept that sometimes there may not be that logical explanation!

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          over the years I've had loads of experiences as well.
          I worked for many years in care home ,most of them nights so we dealt with our fair share of deaths
          one night we lost a husband and wife within hours of each other (they had seperate rooms) the husband died first unexpectadly ,we spent time with him doing what we had to after he had passed on then went back to his wife who was dying ,after she had passed we again did what we had and tidied the room should their next of kin wish to come and say goodbye etc
          As i was picking towels up i turned to the door and saw the husband walk past the door he waved and smiled at me
          Took me a couple of seconds to register who I had seen, I dashed out to the corridor (long corridor,doors on each end) and nobody was there,plus none of our residents could walk without aid so I definatly hadn't been confused
          Didn't scare me ,in fact made me feel quite safe as he looked so happy
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            Originally posted by LauraT View Post
            Also I realise that the name of the ghost guide has been stared out! He is Richard Starr - quite a celeb of the supernatural world!!
            Fat lot I know...I was wondering if it was meant to be Freddie or Ringo


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              My Nanny woke me in the early hours one night, and told me to go to my dad's quickly. He was just leaving the house with his gun. He had chronic depression and was just about to end it all. It was 3 in the morning and my nanny had been dead for at least ten years.
              I find the whole notion comforting, perhaps there is more. Why should we be alone in this great big universe. However I am open to most things, apart from alternative medicines based on a memory of something diluted upteen hundreds of times. I then have to worry about the water we drink, as my dad say's 'It has been through the Dinosaurs'
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                Wow, that's quite a story, Di. It must be comforting to know that your nanny is still looking after you.
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                  Now this is an interesting thread to come across when I thought I signed up t a craft forum.
                  Recently I have been dealing with voice situations and trying to work out why no one else heard them and here we are! Itsobviously all the crafters!!! haha. Creative people, with more open minds.
                  I do want to believe the reasons behind these experiences are in fact spiritual and spirits talking in a sense but wouldnt say it was certain if you know what i mean.
                  I read up everyone is supposed to have a spirit guide and these are the voices that warn you, i.e with the post about that ladies gran saying wake up, she was looking over her. For some it is not a passed relative.
                  I often hear a man most porminantly and hes a little sarcastic to be honest, once he was just whistling and once I tried to talk to him in my head he said "I'm not letting you hear voices you have too much going on at the moment" Ha, I'm not insane honestly I lead a stable life.
                  The other night I was again in a state of relaxation but not quite asleep and he yells suddenly "JUMP" and makes me flippin' jump. Hes mean!
                  I hear other rambles of chatter I cant always make out much of also.
                  best wishes, if anyone wants to discuss this further personally please mail me as I am deeply interested in the subject.


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                    Hiya KonstantineC
                    Ive not heard anything for weeks now but i almost wish it happened frequently so I know im not going mad(if you see what I mean).
                    I cant say that Ive recognised any of the voices.It was a converstion in my first experience, then a man whistling then a woman whispering.I cant say any of them have spoken to me about about anything specifically to do with me.
                    I was driving in the car today I decided to say out loud "Whose lying?" in response to the last thing I heard which was a lady whispering "He's lying" to me.But alas, no reply.

                    The man you hear sounds horrid.I hope you tell him off.


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                      I was on a ghost walk in the Edinburgh Dungeons at Christmas and, as we were walking around, I could hear footsteps and doors closing above us. I didn't think anything of it but did mention it to my husband and we assumed there were rooms above us.

                      Later in the walk the guide just kind of mentioned that the buildings above us were empty - I mentioned the footsteps and doors and asked if it was possible someone was upstairs above us - he said most definately not!

                      I always thought I would be completely freaked out by that sort of thing but I was surprisingly calm...

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