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    This morning i received this email
    Is it real or a fake?
    If its real, what are they talking about. I DONT have an adword account to pay. Help poor Sprinky
    where the asterisks are is where i have blanked out some private information, and emails/URL's

    AdWords prepayment
    From: *************
    01 April 2008 01:37:21

    This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does
    not accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message. If you
    have any questions, please feel free to email us through the AdWords
    Help Centre at ********.


    Thank you for selecting bank transfer prepayment as your AdWords
    billing method. However, we have not yet received your bank transfer
    funding. This may be because it is still being processed by your bank
    or because you still need to initiate the transfer on your end.

    If you have not already done so, please initiate a bank transfer with
    your financial institution, making sure to generate and provide a
    reference number with your payment. You can generate this number on the
    My Account tab of your AdWords account. This number is the only way
    that we can associate your payment with your account. If you transfer
    money to us without including the reference number, your payment may be
    delayed or lost.

    Here are a few important notes to remember about bank transfers:

    - You must include the entire reference number to process a payment. If
    you do not include the entire reference number your payment will be
    delayed. If your bank transfer form does not have a field for a
    reference number, please enter the number in front of or instead of
    your name.

    - You must generate a new reference number for each payment that you make.

    - You must initiate the transfer process with the bank; Google cannot
    do this for you.

    - Google has partnered with a trusted third party to process bank
    transfers, so you may not see Google listed as the name of the bank
    account to which you are requested to send your money.

    - Your bank may charge you a processing fee in addition to the amount
    that you send to Google. Google does not reimburse advertisers for
    bank-imposed processing fees. If your bank imposes a fee or is unable
    to complete the transaction, another local bank may be able to provide
    more suitable options.

    - While 5 to 10 business days is a typical time-period for receiving a
    bank transfer, it can take up to 30 business days before Google
    receives your transfer. The timing of a given transfer depends on your
    local bank processes. Even banks within the same country may have
    different procedures for initiating a bank transfer payment.

    For help with paying by bank transfer, please see our step-by-step
    instructions at ********
    We look forward to providing you with the most effective advertising available.

    Yours sincerely,
    The Google AdWords Team

    Your AdWords account number: *********
    Google Ireland Ltd.
    Gordon House, Barrow Street
    Dublin 4, Ireland

    Registered in Dublin, Ireland | Registration Number: 368047

    You may opt out of Billing emails associated with *********
    by visiting
    This link expires 7 days after we send this email to you.
    Last edited by Sprinkles; 01-04-2008, 07:55 AM.
    Av xx
    Sprinkles Sparkles

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    Yes it's a ****. Next? If it doesn't address you by name it's 98% sure it's a ****. If it does address you by name, it's 88% sure it's a ****!


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      ok, i better notify google then as they are using the same building address as them

      Av xx
      Sprinkles Sparkles


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        I pay for my google adwords by bank transfer and it always says I've paid Google on my bank statement..that's def a ****! They are getting pretty good these days but still not good enough!!!
        Anice xx
        Funkyhand x
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          now i feel like a numpty
          better that i guess, then getting sucked in by these evil ****mers
          Av xx
          Sprinkles Sparkles


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            Don't feel like a didn't send them any money and you asked about a bit to make sure. You are not a numpty!
            Anice xx
            Funkyhand x
            my website
            my blog (updated 09/06/10)
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              Yep loads of them going around..

              For all account online ignore ALL emails and login directly..

              Paypal,google,ebay etc.. It will display ANY info you need to add update or change on the homepage of your account..

              Best way to stop this is to use another email account for things like google.. One that doesn't relate to your site ...

              I have about 30-40 email account and get **** email all day every day but very few on my email account conectted to paypal or google etc..

              Hope that helps..

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                **** **** **** ****.......