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    My cad course starts in a couple of weeks so I thought Id start up a thread to let you know how it goes.

    Im trying not to think about it at the moment, way too out of my comfort zone.Then agaian it could be the best thing il ever do.

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    Doing things outside your comfort zone is good!
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      Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
      Then agaian it could be the best thing il ever do.
      Oh yes indeedy it could - how exciting!

      Hey I dont think we were meant to leave this world feeling like we'd just been "comfortable" throughout - nor we were designed to leave it without sporting wrinkles or spare tyres either

      Shaz x
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        good luck

        cad is great, its amazing what you can do with it. i have done a lines plan for a yacht using cad (for my degree). its a clever bit of kit.

        enjoy it and practice. use it as much as possible and make good use of the class time.



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          You'll be fine!!

          And remember to take some business cards with you, and steer the conversation round to what people do in their spare time and you can say jewellery maker extrodinaire!!


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            My course starts tomorrow.
            My lovely parents showed me how to get to the recomended car park and came with me to find the building, all closer than I thought, so Im all set.
            But I have an inner voice going ...eeeeeeek!!!!


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              youll be fine anything new is always scary but also exciting keep us posted on how it goes
              Jan xx



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                Good luck with the course, I'm sure you will get a lot from it. Judging by my wrinkles (see Focus on Lif'e comment) I have obviously not been living in my comfort zone!


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                  I bet you'll have fun as long as you don't let the computer hurt you as this looks painful.
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                    Good luck for tommorow and remember everyone is new to the course as well.

                    And remember they dont have a team of "Warrior Crafters" behind them.

                    Cheers Janice


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                      You'll be absolutely fine, but good luck anyway.

                      Hope all goes well, keep us updated!


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                        I knew it must've been starting sometime soon. Good luck, smile and enjoy it Oh and don't forget to report back to us all afterwards.
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                          Yep - gotta let us know how it all went. Oh and don't forget to wear some of your jewellery and take business cards too! to hand out - and let people know if they order from you they won't have to pay postage cos you can just drop it off!!
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                            so how did you get on?

                            bet it was quite different to what you expected /feared!


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                              I really liked it.

                              Lovely teacher, like a mad auntie and a group of students from teens to 50's.

                              Trouble is I only understood about 10% of it.
                              I could get the shapes on the screen and I mastered erasing them but then she went onto zoom and extends and Osnap!!!!!I didnt understand any of that!!

                              None of the commands worked for me, numbers appeared all over the screen which didnt seem to relate to cm's/mm's.
                              The teacher although lovely and very knowledgeable seemed to speed along typing in commands then things happened and I couldnt work out how they were happeneing coz they didnt work for me.

                              Everybody around me seemed to understand and was just speeding through her instructions!!

                              Basically I liked it, but didnt get to grips with most of it!Im so glad theres no exams at the end.

                              Apparently I could do a City & Guilds cousre in September, but guess il only go for that if I can get to grips with this first course.


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