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A VERY expensive bad hair day....

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  • A VERY expensive bad hair day....

    Ok, so I woke up feeling ill anyway today, and feeling quite alot sorry for myself, I eventually managed to get myself in the shower as myself and my son had to go do our weekly shop at tescos (which is a whole different story!!!)

    ...ok so back to the shower...I'm out and blowdrying my hair and giving it love with the GHD products and straightners. My hair was done, yet it looked like a nirds nest. I had run out of my TIGI conditioner and had to use my fellas not so nice stuff, my hair looked sad, I felt sad. I called the hairdresser....

    ..Managed to get myself an appointment at 4.45pm with the assistant manager ... lush head massage, cuppucino, hair cut and £55 pounds later, I am HAPPY, my hair is happy, my hair is shining, it is soft and it is singing **come and stroke me people I feel good**

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    Ouch £55 but it sounds like the pampering therapy did the trick for you Sweet, head massage, oooh

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      money well spent I'd say, I bet you look a million dollars now!


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        I had my 2 and a half year old wash my hair last night and it actually looks pretty good!!


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          Good for you! Sounds like a good deal actually compared to my hairdressers. I go there every three weeks to get my roots done (oh dear I have been grey since I was 13! a very long time) and it costs me loads!!
          Can't be without it though. best get off and get some work done...I have to pay for my hair appointments some how!!
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            Bloomin' Nora! 55 quid?! Well I suppose it was worth it if it made you feel better. Can't really identify with spending all that on my hair, I'm a one cut a year kind of gal and even then I complain at having to spend £32!
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              Sounds like a well needed treat to me and I think you got off lightly .... compared to the prices in these parts (esp. if you are having cut + colour at same time!).

              I (stupidly) had a really expensive time in December as I had it cut twice in the same month because I decided I really really hated the first cut and couldn't stand looking at it every morning so went again just before Xmas to have it re-cut & cheer myself up !

              (....needless to say it was quite short after the second cut and I am now leaving it as long as possible before the next appointment!)


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                £55? sounds like you got off lightly, my last hair cut was a heavily discounted £90, only 'cos they got dye in my eye!

                I did spend 4 hours there and have 5 colours, including foils!

                (granted, one of those hours was spent getting the dye out of my eye!)


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                  sounds like a hair piece would be easier! would you ever consider? am looking for one (alopecia )


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                    Just FYI, this is a thread from 2008.


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                      Originally posted by cosmic grammie View Post
                      Just FYI, this is a thread from 2008.

                      I know, but I was just looking for some help!! Think I have found a good place - Bloomsbury Wigs - anyone heard of it?


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                        As a hairdresser I am sure you already knew about them.
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