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  • Good Friday

    Morning All

    Happy Good Friday and looks like the weather is going to be glorious.

    Finished Box 2, 3 more to go keeping up with it now. Then repacking the boxes into the same sections in my shop that will be a bit of a palaver but worth it. Update the stock box list with their new places. finally sort the stock for the fair and pack. I am going to hopefully do all that this week. may leave the repacking bit until after the fair as if I sell oodles don't have to put back! fofl.

    Hope you all have a wonderful good Friday and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny this morning, very heavy dew and still a morning nip in the air. Hopefully temperatures will actually feel like the figures they're forecasting today - didn't feel particularly warm yesterday.

    Yesterday, took it easy but did get just about picked and packed for Sunday. Didn't get out in the garden - not warm enough - so spent a couple of hours tidying up my Ancestry stuff and adding little bits of info to the family tree, then got more knitting done. Seems like OH has now got my cold so most of the day was general mooching around.

    Today, a couple more bits to do for Sunday, paperwork to print, laundry already in the machine, will try again to get out in the garden even if only for 15 minutes.

    Doing well with the stocktaking/uploading/reorganising Caroline. What a sense of satisfaction it will be when you've completed it
    How was the meatballs & spaghetti Mo? Hope it turned out well.
    Are you buried under various bits of paper and frames yet Dave? Sounded like you were getting close to it
    Got the photographs done Shelley? Looking forward to seeing the album.



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      Morning all...
      Its glorious here this morning...just waiting on the tourist hoards to invade...😩😁
      Went to Nottingham looking at motorhomes, loads of great ones but all too big, the medium sized ones which we are after were great but only a year or so old, I’m after something about 4-5years old, a lot of the depreciation has slowed up by then plus any faults ironed out but they were all around the 10-15k miles on the clock mark and with a standard 3 year RAC warranty on the whole thing, applianced included....and a very high trust pilot rating so we are keeping an eye on it for another...hence the 1hr 45 minute drive.
      Bit of gardening, Sue is going to do a bit of shopping as we’ve got the kids and their OH’s and Little man coming for Sunday dinner..Sue has now just informed me I’ve got to phone my mum to come too 😩😁
      Cutting again today, started the mad hatter to put in a small frame, need to crack on...seriously packed out up in the craft room now because I bought about 20 frames and stuff was everywhere before that plus I’ve bought a huge box on wheels to transport it all to the Artisan market and I can hardly lift it...its got to go down 3 floors 😆😆😆 ....yes Linda, pretty buried..



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        Originally posted by 3dDave View Post
        I’ve bought a huge box on wheels to transport it all to the Artisan market and I can hardly lift it...its got to go down 3 floors
        Pack your stuff into smaller (ie smaller size than the large wheeled box) boxes/packs, then pack those into the big box. That way if you need to lighten the load for any reason (like three sets of stairs) it's easy(ish) to remove some of the weight, and more to the point, easy to put it back in; plus there's less risk of damage to items being put down in places they shouldn't be if they are protected by a box. You've still got everything in one big wheeled box for trips from the car to the hall/room etc.




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          Good Good Friday all.

          Day off so being very lazy. Glorious day forecast too be 2deg here later. We need to do some food shopping first of all and the garden needs a good tidy up before starting to plant anything else for the summer and working tomorrow and Monday with a visit to my parents on Sunday not a lot of time left.

          This week I need to do stuff for Wisley next BH like brand a lot of goods then Pete can pack some stuff up. Also need to clear out the accessory box and make sure we have everything we need as a two hour trip home for forgotten items is not on the cards once we get there. I need to get hairsticks on cards, order some more packaging, plan the stand, although I think it will be much like last year in general layout, and make sure I have enough stuff to demonstrate with and I have a plan of what to do. As well as the lathe and all Petes stuff on top of the stock, tables, display stand we have to take 5 days worth of clothes so hoping the nice weather continues as summer clothing takes up less space. We don't have to take gazebos as Wisley insist we hire theirs at this one, more costs.

          But for today going to enjoy the sunshine.

          Yes Linda the meatballs and spaghetti were lovely.

          Have a lovely day all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Morning all,

            Sun is shinning, temperature is rising 22c here today forecast. Mo you don't mean 2deg do you?

            Not much planned today, shop is open so some customers to serve and hires to do. Going to make potato salad, coleslaw, salad, deviled eggs and have some ham for supper, so we can have some of the same with a variation of maybe some cheeses tomorrow so easy day tomorrow and so lots of time for card making.

            Caroline well on the way to winning the best organised prize, well done.

            Glad you are feeling better Linda, ah yes the men always get it second and its always worse than you had it

            Dave so glad you are being sensible about motor homes, my friend from Spain stupidly bough the first one she saw without any expert advice and a seller who knew how to manipulate her into jumping too soon. He was laughing all the way to the bank, my friend spent half again to get it road worthy, there were tears at bedtime.
            Lots of stock is lovely, sort of feel that you are ready to take on the world. Modular packing is a great idea, you can even leave it like that in your craft room as storage so less packing and unpacking. A family Easter Sunday lunch sounds fab, but I am glad its not me

            Really hope you get to enjoy some of the sun this weekend Mo and get some time for getting ready for your event at Wisley, I would love to go to that, looks wonderful, not as a seller, just as a visitor. Too far for me though.

            Have great day everyone, hope you all get some sun

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