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Thursday 18th

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  • Thursday 18th

    Morning All

    Thick fog again this morning but when it burns off will be a beautiful day.

    Shingle and compost delivered yesterday, the delivery man is so sweet and he complimented Lee on his garden. Lee was chuffed as he has worked hard and having someone else comment made it all worthwhile.

    Found a set of cards yesterday that need to be loaded onto Folksy. Will complete early then onto the 2nd large box. Had originally planned to do this on the 1st May but so pleased I started earlier as has taken a lot longer than I though it would. Then the plan to out sort for the fair and pack ready. No last minute rush for me this year! Have also told myself that after the fair on the Sunday will put everything back into their respective boxes. Well that is the plan!!!!!

    Waitrose delivery today and apart from stock taking not much else planned. Sat in the morning room yesterday with the casement doors wide reading in the pm, it was bliss. No sound apart from the birds.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Overcast, misty but dry, no breeze and less cold at the moment. Forecast for sunshine and temperatures reaching double figures despite the continuing easterly breeze.

    Yesterday, pottered around, got the first couple of weeks of this year's accounts done - not exactly a lot of work! Thought about starting to pick & pack for Sunday but didn't, did a couple more quick "I must get that done soon" jobs, had a few more minutes in the garden raking vegetation out of the dyke, then spent a couple of hours on the counted thread work.

    Today, feeling improved again, although still got blocked nose and stupid tickly cough. Woke with stiff muscles in my back so must have slept awkwardly - but at least I slept! Won't be doing anything drastic until muscles have loosened up and stopped hurting. Definitely need to get the picking & packing for Sunday done, hope to have another session on the embroidery and the knitting, if back muscles will allow might do a bit more outside.

    Everybody sounds very busy and productive as usual.
    Annoying to find more cards when you think you've finished that bit of the job Caroline!
    Glad the stock take done without too much hassle Mo.
    Dave - have you got a set of turbo charged batteries from the same place as Caroline?
    Shelley - did you get all your jobs done yesterday? Sounds like you had quite a list to get through.

    HAGO all


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      Morning all.....

      Same as Caroline, misty start here but looking at 20 degrees this afternoon apparently, yesterday was glorious. Amy turned up with Baby Daniel, sat in the garden. I’m cutting a smaller sized set of Alices because Everything I have is quite big so trying to make smaller and cheaper to fill the table, larger ones on the display. Delivered 3 yesterday to a mate, another pending in one of the outlets so thats going well at the minute, usual lulls and spikes, just need more time to replace them for the Artisan market stock...
      Must be something in the water, had another designer message me out of the blue asking if I want to use her designs for free in exchange for promoting them and her in the posts....well yeah 😁
      I think we are off to Nottingham today looking at motorhomes....the one we had our eye on had gone so probably a look around and registering interest to notify us when our preference comes in.

      Have a goodun’ all



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        Morning all,

        Hazy sunshine here, supposed to be warming up later.

        Yesterday managed to finally finish a card, seems to have taken ages, but it has been busy what with visitors and shop.

        Today is a photography day, need to do the album before my friend takes it with her and the new card.
        Also need to go out, pick up eldest cats pills and get some food in.
        Had a delivery of cat food so ok for a few weeks.

        I am also going to make a start on the garden, a plan of action has been made and now I just need to slowly slowly carry it out. Small sections at a time and it should be done by the end of May hopefully.

        Caroline sounds like Lee is doing a sterling job, it will be lovely for the summer. You are going to be very well organised soon.

        Linda, glad to hear you are on the mend. Don't overdo things, you don't want to tire yourself out. Hope sorting out for Sunday goes well.

        Dave, that is nice to be asked out of the blue, hope you get some good ones to do. I now understand why you worked so hard to retire early, what with some of the other things you mentioned and having to work 365, it sounds terrible. Enjoy your motor home hunting, we did our motor home traveling when we were young, for a couple of years we spent all summer trucking around the countryside in a motor home, this was in the late 70's. Glad I did it then, wouldn't want to do it now.

        Mo glad your stock take went well, shame about having to work Bank holidays. We are always closed on Mondays so not much different for us but it is much quieter, the garden is so peaceful.

        HAGD everyone and I hope you all get some lovely weather.


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          Very late evening all.

          Shop slow but we got a lot of things done to get ahead of ourselves and at the end of the day sold a couple of nice things to make up the monies.

          Day off tomorrow and we have decided to do a quick bit of shopping and then to possibly go to the garden centre and have a mooch then home to tackle the garden. Lots of tidying up to do, some planting in the ground, trimming and repotting. Lost a couple of plants in the winter including a willow tree which I am very sad about, we just didn't look after it enough in a pot. Lesson learnt.

          This evening was so lovely and warm spent it in the garden drinking wine, watching the birds and chatting. Now very late for dinner and may just end up having beans on toast LOL After a bottle of wine each Pete has decided to make meatballs and spaghetti.................... could be interesting LOL Thank goodness we don't do this often.

          Hope you all get your goodies organised for your events.

          Mo. XX
          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            WE WILL have a meatballs and spaghetti. May be slightly caramellised but we will have it LOL.

            "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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              Pete, it adds to the flavour - hope it was edible


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                And very nice it was too.

                Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.