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Saturday 12th

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  • Saturday 12th

    Morning all

    Not as cold today will wait and see what it is like when daylight appears.

    Finished the ballet reading pillow and 3 party bags plus 3 wrist key fobs. Today? have some pretty bias to add to the edges of the baby knitted jacket and may also start on the fairy reading pillow embroidery.

    These A4 boxes have really helped to get me organised and so lovely to just pick up a box with everything inside. No more waiting for deliveries, well that is the plan, lol. I do however, get distracted at times which causes problems. Also have some initial bracelet kits to make up, displaying in plastic test tubes. Just need to get a wooden holder, have found some on fleabay and quite reasonable.

    Hope you all have a successful day

    HAGO x

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    Morning all.

    Dy but breezy at the moment but a spectacular sunrise, everything is tinged with pink. Winds supposed to pick up along with the temperatures.

    Shop today again. Have a some help noon till 3 so not too bad but you can guarentee most of the donations will come in after three LOL

    Pete has a pupil today 9 till 4.30 so he is still able to do his chauffeur duties to get me to and from work. Dinner is sorted last nights leftover chicken pie so a relaxing evening ahead.

    Probably be picking up Dad on the way to see Mum tomorrow. Hopefully that will be the last time and she will be home midweek.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Hope all goes well in the shop Mo and your Mum can go home soon x


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        Morning all! Comparatively warm still, but quite breezy and very dull. Has obvioiusly rained during the night but dry at the moment. A heavy shower forecast for early evening - just about the time we'll be leaving home for our evening out.

        Yesterday, Finally finished the gathering of information on what's sold over the last couple of years, sorted out the chilli sauce - fortunately still got some mobility this morning. I also spent a few minutes making a start on raking vegetation out of the dyke - a friend who rents the field behind us trimmed (as in serious haircut) their hedge and very kindly, as the tractor attachment would reach, did the brambles etc on our side of the dyke, but it's left stuff everywhere. As we have big problems with surface drainage round here dykes need to be cleared as much as possible.
        Watched the Victorian Arts & Crafts programme last night - it was interesting, but I think they tried to cram too much into one programme; I'd have liked to see more detail in a lot of areas.

        Today, major clear up in the kitchen but not sure what else. Out this evening for one of our rare social events so a very late night in prospect.

        Glad to hear things are looking positive for getting Mum home soon Mo, and hope things are OK in the shop today.
        Caroline - have you got new batteries? You're really motoring on with the production - and all new designs and beautifully done as always.
        Shelley - you're also turbo-powered getting all that paperwork and financial stuff sorted out, makes me tired just thinking about it.
        Dave - busy weekend ahead? Are you managing to fit in some actual cutting around all the other tasks you've got?

        Take care everyone; HAGD


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          Originally posted by craftdancer2 View Post
          Caroline - have you got new batteries? You're really motoring on with the production - and all new designs and beautifully done as always.

          Take care everyone; HAGD
          So funny Linda, Lee's says I have become the Duracell bunny, lol.


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            Afternoon all...

            Very mild here, Sue and I have just got back in from walking Flo...
            No tasks to do today, cutting in a bit. Got wall space for 3 months so I need to make sure I have enough for the craft fairs and the craft centre plus second guess which audience will like what work.......
            Needing to sort out some templates and shapes for workshops, just about finished the printed instructions.



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              Hello everyone,

              Its gray here but a bit milder.

              Nearly finished sorting the business insurance, need to talk to them on Monday to clarify a few details. I have to start the last quarters VAT and then do the tax return. Shouldn't take long, I do try to keep it organised so it not a big job.

              More cleaning and tidying today. I managed to tidy up the guest room ready for her on Sunday. Just some more hoovering today. I also have to make up the bed and turn on some heating.

              Had a little flurry of customers just now. Where was I? Oh yes, more cleaning. And more work on the album later. I also am going to pop out to the shops to stock up for the weekend.

              I watched that program too Linda, it was good but as you say it did try and do too many things at once, I think it would be good if they had concentrated on one or 2 things per program, I sort of lost track of who was doing what. I think I am going to re watch it. I thought it was series of 6 programs, is that right? Good work on the dyke clearing, a nice bit of outdoor stuff can be really good, still to cold for me to do more than fill the bird feeders and quickly tidy any obvious mess. How did the chilli sauce go? Have a good night out, don't over do the vino

              Hope you have a good day in the shop Mo and it goes well with Pete's pupil. Easy dinner = relaxing evening, enjoy.

              You have got a fresh set of batteries Caroline, you are being very productive, feeling slightly jealous, not crafting as much as I would like. Trying to get all the paperwork out of the way and catch up with the cleaning and prepare for a week of my friend staying so hopefully February will see me get back to my usual routine. I am going to try and make some cards at the end of January for valentines, but not your usual hearts and flowers something a bit more universal. These days there are so many more combinations of couples I like to try and make something to suit all tastes.

              Hope Dave is busy cutting, or what ever he wants to be doing

              HAGD all
              Just so you can see my work, my FB page


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                Just watched the last half hour of the Victorian Arts and Crafts programme on the BBC iPlayer as I managed to fall asleep last night and missed crucial bits. Great programme looking forward to next week. Love the Arts and Crafts philosophy and a lot of the items created in that period, the silver especially. My first home had William Morris fabrics and wall papers and I still love them now.

                Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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