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  • The Birthday/Busy Season.... upon us here.

    My youngest is 11 today. His big sister is 18 next Tuesday. My niece is 15 on April 6th. My middle son is 14 on April 10th. My brother is 51 on April 12th. My oldest son will be 22 on April 22nd. My aunt will be 65 on April 28th.

    In between these dates there are cousins and friends birthdays too, and the total number of birthdays in our ken in March and April comes to 73.....

    In between all of the birthdays (and on a lot of them) we have the craft fairs. Kick off for craft fairs is April 5th....I've got roughly 6 free weekends after that until the end of the year. How scary is that?!

    Busy busy busy......!!

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    Know what you mean. All my friends/family seem to be Piscean or Cancerianso lots of March and July birthdays. I wish I had that many craft fairs lined up tho, I could do with a few!


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      Mid summer conception ..

      Need I say more

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        Hi Jules your son shares his birthday with my mum it is her 70th birthday today (thanks Ruth TipTip for the cards). She stays in Dunoon so too far away to see tonight but my dad is taking her for a slap up meal. Tomorrow she is coming over the Glasgow and I am taking her to see the Nutcraker at the Theatre Royal with Nicola and them home for a little party.

        I know what it is like with all the birthdays, anniversaries, weddings - totally skint because of it all.



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          I have the busy birthday season starting in November and in the run up to Christmas!!
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            My two were the results of very drunk Christmas parties....... same due date for both of them hehehehehe!!

            Me and my Dad are April ites and husband is on St Patricks Day so not too busy for me - just September with the boys!

            At least when April is done Jules its another year until it happens again!


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              We are well into our birthday season, which seems to go from Feb peeking in April with at least two a week for that month, still at least one of those is mine Having said that July is getting busy with Hubbie and Dd in the same week.


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                Wow Jules, thats what you call busy.
                I used to think June was busy with my ex on 4th, dad on 7th, me on 15th.....then good old dad used to push my cards off the mantle with his Fathers Day cards before mine were up 5 minutes!

                Shaz x
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