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  • teaching!


    Am very happy today, checked my mails and a couple of the schools I applied to have said i can come in and observe lessons when i get my time off at work!!!

    Its so scary as this could be the start of a whole new career, but i am confident i will enjoy it, just gotta go and see i guess...

    As a first time can anyone give me any advice on how to be on my first day? Bearing in mind i will only be observing as they are busy with exams at mo. I will be sitting in on arts lessons at mo. This will range from art- dance to drama. Should i take notes and is there anything i should look out for? So excited! Just wanna quit the day job now, gota go wrk at 5

    oh, and for some reason i have decided on the secondary school kids! I would like to spe******e in my subject.

    Thanks for all your advice before guys. keep your fingers crossed for me!
    Dee x
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    Really pleased for you! Cant offer any teaching advice but best of luck with everything

    shaz x
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      I'd probably take a pen and notepad in case there is any thing you want to write down. If it's an arty type lesson and its practical it could be that the teacher might use you as an extra pair of hands - don't know for sure though! It might be a good idea to see what sort of facilities the school has, make notes on any school policies there are on behaviour etc, as each school will be slightly different and something you meet at one school might be worth trying at another!

      I hope you have a good time anyway.
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        Just be yourself, relax and enjoy it.



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          Congratulations! Teaching has to be one of the best jobs in the world!
          My advice would be to smile, ask questions and soak up the atmosphere. Also try not to judge what you see and hear - without knowing the background it can be easy to make assumptions about behaviours which aren't correct .Every class is different so if you get the chance to go into different classes do. Every teacher has their own way of dealing with things - it's as much about personality as teaching skills at times. If you get the chance, talk to the children. Look at the ways they respond to the lessons. What does the teacher do to get their attention? Are they enjoying it?
          As a primary school teacher with a class of 10 and 11 year olds who think they are 18, I think secondary school teachers are either very dedicated or completely bonkers!!!
          Have a great time,


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            I`m a secondary teacher and remember observations well! You need to focus your observation otherwise you won`t see a difference in teaching styles.

            I`m rushed today but here are a few pointers!!

            How does the teacher get the kids into the room Do they drift or is it a structured entry (mine is a casual stroll in with "Hey up Miss")

            How does the lesson begin, do they know what they are doing or does the teachers "start" the lesson?

            Are the kids working in friendship groups, project groups or to a seating plan

            Are lesson objectives and keywords written up on the board

            Perhaps ask a few kids if they know their target/predicted grades. Do they think they will get this grade, if not what do they need to do to get there.

            Ask what other projects they have done, what was most interesting/boring

            How does the teacher end the lesson. Do the kids just sort of wander out or does the teacher bring together what the kids have done in the lesson into a plenary.

            What resources does the teacher use. If it`s worksheets etc ask if you can make a copy for your own resources file

            Ask if it be possible to look at the Schemes of Work for Art so you can see what the kids do across the year.

            In honestly try to avoid writing anything down in a lesson. Some kids may wonder what you`re doing and that could make them feel uncomfortable. The best thing to do is wander about and help. Be honest with the kids and tell them you`re considering becoming an art teacher. Ask them their advice and ask what makes a good teacher in their eyes: You`ll get some interesting answers!!!

            Some Schools will already have planned your visit, perhaps giving you a pupil to track during the day.

            Good Luck and great news!




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              thanks for the pointers, i am going to email one of the schools now to see if they want me nxt wk, its going to be hard going while i'm working but i have said i will go in on my days off!

              Your advice means alot, thanks and i will update you on my progress, oh and yes i think i must be bonkers to teach secondary school!!!x
              Dee x
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                Hope all goes well in school. Enjoy it!


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                  Dee, first thing to do is not to compare it with what lessons were like when you were at school, try to leave all your preconceptions at the door.

                  Next look at how the teacher differentiates between groups, most classes are split into high, middle and low achievers, how does the work for each of these groups differ... how does she stretch the high achievers.

                  Next, what methods does the teacher use to keep the class on task and focused.

                  How does the teacher use other staff in the classroom, if you have TAs are they specific to one individual or working across a group.

                  Look at what is on the walls, is it generated by the students or the teachers greatest pieces of art (can be very telling when you watch their teaching style)

                  Ask the teacher what they felt had gone well in that lesson and what they might change.

                  Before you start the day ask if you can see the lesson plans and ask how it fits into the scheme of work for the year and ask them what they think you should be looking out for during the day.

                  Finally don't just use your observations in the classroom, look at how the students interact in the corridors, over lunch and in the playground. What sort of state is the building in, does this impact on how they behave. Do they have sanctions, how are they used? What support does your teacher get, how much input do they get into the scheme of work?

                  Seriously, just soak up as much as you can whilst you are there, remember the good things and why they worked and equally look at things that don't work and try to understand why that happened and how you might do it differently

                  Good luck and enjoy it

                  Ros - Chair of Governors and former Ofsted Inspector... bet you couldn't tell *WEG*



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                    Oh yeah. Do it. You'll love it.
                    I'd say go in relaxed to start with. See what you can see and do a write up afterwards.
                    After a lesson or two in a particular school, start to look out for specific things - like Roslet and Clare suggested. You'll be getting an idea of "I'd do it like this but what would I do if?" Start collecting solutions. Different teachers do it different ways. Different things work with different children.

                    Then I'd look for a school to help in. Infant ones are usually glad of another pair of hands.
                    When sitting down for a cup of tea chat about what's in your head and you may well find you get pushed onto a course that's coming up or a teacher or the head sorts out your next step for you.

                    Word of warning. Teaching is hugely enjoyable but very stressful. Be sure you are strong before taking it on.


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                      Just noticed this thread was started in March 2008 lol... wonder if Dee continued with her teaching career and if so how it's all going, does anyone know?