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Don't look at this if you hate flying

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  • Don't look at this if you hate flying

    For anyone who missed it on the news last night or this morning..


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    Jeez, what a heart-stopping few minutes that must have been for the pilot! All credit to him for keeping control and his quick decision-making to take off again.

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      eeeeerrr, i feel sick!!!bucket and spade at skeggy this year i think!!
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        I've been on some hair raising flights over the years, but that was heart-stopping!
        Everyone always seems to relax at landing time, nervous or not, but not after that flight, not at least unil after a few stiff drinks, I shouldnt think!


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          I had a very similar experience a year or so ago. Not quite as bad but one side did briefly touch the gound before we took off again! It wasnt till after we landed and back on stand that hit me what had happend- or what could of happend! Lucky really it didnt hit me till after, seeming as I was one of the crew on the flight!
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            Oh Heck! we fly to the States in the summer, excited and now very nervous!!


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              Well I wasn't but that clip will run through my mind every time I'm on a plane now!

              I was thinkin on Saturday night how it wouldn't have been nice to be on a plane. It was so ridiculously windy. I didn't sleep much all night cos it kept waking me up! Thought the roof was gonna blow off.

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                Good on that pilot, we know theyre trained for it but I bet many of them will only ever experience a test of their skills like that in a simulator, not where they have hundreds of lives at stake

                I bet he needed a stiff drink after too! And he deserved it.

                Dont let it put you off flying though, you're more likely to get hit by one of the millions of numbskulls that drive cars - at least pilots arent at all likely to have an expired licence, no insurance, be high on drugs and have a smaller brain than my cat.....sorry, thats an insult to my cat, I'll go apologise....

                Shaz x
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                  Probably the scariest personal experience was at Athens airport (I think) after a stop-over on way back to Uk. we were just about reday for take off, when the captain came on "bla ,bla, bla, we are shortly about to take off, and upon reaching an altitude of ( can't remember the figures but LOW) we will bank sharply to the left, and proceed on to London."
                  so everybody of course looks out of Left hand side window, and there is a massive communal intake of breath, cos, on the left is a massive hill/moutain, much higher then the altitude mentioned!
                  The engines start roaring, the plane is rushing down the runway, and you could see people praying!
                  What the captain omitted to say, was that after rushing along the runway at great speed, they'd do what seemed like a handbrake turn, rush back down the runway, and bank left over the open seas!


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                    And thats why i have not and will not be going on a plane ever!
                    I took the ferry and coach to Spain and Czech Rep.
                    Av xx
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                      eeeeeeeeek I bet that 10 minutes felt more like 10 hours for those passengers!!

                      I've had two scarey experiences while flying! First one was coming back from Germany and we were half way over the channel and eating lunch when the stewardesses started coming round to clear everything up while the captain announced on the speaker that they had electrical faults and were turning back to Germany .........the plane tuuuuuurrrrned right around and thankfully we landed safely 40 mins later!

                      The second was coming back from Tunisia and the captain announced the break light had gone out and we were diverting to Stanstead because it had a bigger runway than Birmigham (this was probably in case the brake's didn't work and he needed the extra room). While landing, on both sides were loads of fire enginges which followed the plane all the way down the runway until we came to a stop........arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

                      I have flown many many times and its only been the last 5 years that I've managed to get on a flight without having a drink.. lOL (well that was my excuse).

                      I hate take offs and landing but at the same time, I love going away.

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                        Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                        I hate take offs and landing but at the same time, I love going away.

                        Ah see now, I LOVE take offs and landings, theyre the best bits!

                        I was on one of those teeny planes from Stansted to Manchester once and the pilot said he had a warning light come on so he was pulling off the runway to "check it out".....his method of "checking it out" was to keep his brakes on and rev the engines like CRAZY because he suspected the warning light was just a faulty bulb as opposed to a faulty aircraft! after much revving and the teeny tiny plane shaking about like barmy from the force, he decided it was the bulb and we took off anyway

                        I loved it! Very exciting! Just glad he was proved right.... LOL

                        Shaz x
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