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  • Earthquake?????

    Ok you might think I am mad or been on the old vino but I swear we've just had a mini earthquake here I was sat upstairs on the laptop and hubby and friend downstairs. The bed started to move as if someone was shaking it so went downstairs and our friend asked me if I'd felt something odd just happen as he'd felt the sofa move and seen the things on the shelf wobble slightly...hubby didn't notice a thing!

    Will have to check out the bbc website when I wake up to see whether 2 out of 3 of us are mad!
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    All over the news today..

    The ground didn't move for me last night, well I didn't feel it

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      I'd just gone to sleep, but I woke to the noise, pressure in my ears and the shaking roar. At first I assumed I was having a hypotension episodecoz that's exactly how I feel when my blood pressure drops.
      Dh was going "what the x was that?"
      No damage to report appart from the pile of wellies falling down
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        OH Wow, I'm not insane and I did'nt dream it!! PHEW! It was very mild but just like somebody was shaking the bedroom and it lasted for just a few seconds!!!! Not as strong as the last one we had about 6 years ago.

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          I felt it too!

          I woke up to feel the bed and doors shaking...

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            Was thinking about you all when I saw the news this morning. Glad your all O.K and there's no damage....
            Must have been scary though.

            Cheers Janice


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              OMG! We all woke ~~ house was shaking ~~ There has been 2 here before, but nothing like this one.

              Then I couldn't get back to sleep, as we're about 5 miles from east mids airport and the rumblings of planes were making me think it was another!

              Just looking at the list of previous ones - it was the Melton mobray one that I remember last time.
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                Hope you're all\ok and over it now!
                I was just reading about it on a spanish forum from someone currently visiting Uk
                I've only felt 1 here, slept through the others!!

                we get quite a few in this area, quite minor, and many don't immediately get noticed by people as there are lots of quarries, so often, people at first put it down to blasting, as thats quite frequent


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                  I felt it too!!
                  I woke up because the bed was shaking, i remember i looked at the clock as hubbie goes out on a tues and he wasn't home yet, it was 1am, i got up and looked out the window as we live near the dock railway and sometimes the train sits on the track near us and i thought maybe thats what i could feel, but there was no train there, this morning when i turned the news on all became clear, although hubbie was sat in his friends kitchen eating toast at that time and they never felt anything...


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                    I just heard it on the news. Hope everyone is ok.


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                      Originally posted by icecreamgirl View Post
                      although hubbie was sat in his friends kitchen eating toast at that time and they never felt anything...
                      Hehe men eh? Hubby is quite gutted that he didn't feel it especially as he was awake too.

                      And at least I now know I wasn't going mad.
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                        I slept through it. Hubby felt bed shake for about 3 seconds and that was it. Nothing else happened!

                        I did wake up to one about 6 or 7 years ago. I think the epicentre was near Dudley that time - so closer to home. I thought my dad had fallen out of bed so just rolled over and went back to sleep.

                        It's no big deal, except for the chap who was injured by a chimney falling through his bedroom ceiling last night.
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                          I heard about the man with the chimney this morning on the news. It woke me up too and at first I thought I had dreamt it because I'd had a glass of wine last night (and was working with marker pens - not a good combo!), then I thought Anya was shaking the bed but when I got up and heard the news I thought 'Ahaaa - that's what it was' No-one at nursery felt it though!
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                            Yep I felt it too, the bed wobbled for a few seconds.
                            I thought Id dreamt it and didnt say anything to my parents but they bought it up.

                            I felt the one about 6 yeras ago, it was much stronger than last nights, there was a rumbling that got louder and louder, the walls began to shake then the bed bagan to shake!!!Very scary.


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                              I got the blame for the earthquake last night!

                              My hubby told me off for figiting and rocking the bed, then he went back to sleep.... lol!! Oh... he's so in for it tonight!!
                              x Maria