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  • Wednesday coffee

    Morning All

    Well Barney was not as bad as we expected, we actually kept the power on and that is a minor miracle 1 puff of wind and the lights go out.

    Not sure what I have planned today, did get some new wool yesterday, may get knitting.

    Be good and enjoy

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    That's good news Carole. I have an elderly aunt and uncle in Winchester so I hope they didn't suffer any damage or loss of services.

    Today, clearing up as usual, loading the car ready for tonight's school fair, then I'll try yet again to get a few more greeting card boxes made as I now have two upcoming events where I can sell them.

    Weather forecast is for cool temperatures, possible showers but still quite windy.



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      Good morning peeps.

      Pleasant in Wiltshire at the moment. Off to Blenheim Palace to set up in an hour so hope the rain holds off untill we have at least unloaded. Feeling really nervous about this one, silly really, but a lot invested in it in every way. Fingers crossed the public come in hoards and like what we have to sell.

      Have a good day what ever you are doing.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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        Barney played with my dustbin last night and scattered its contents but that was all. Actually the Dustbin men are late this morning so I imagine mine was not an isolated case and they are picking up rubbish from everywhere.
        Just spotted my neighbour going out for her early morning 'fag. Brrr. It certainly makes one wonder if it is worth it.
        Off to Art Class this morning so maybe chat later.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          On our walk this morning saw some damage with fences down etc but ours are still standing, thank goodness. Just back form M & S simply food, always get our chinese from there as delicious.


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            Very windy here last night, our fence is still standing...just! Hoping it'll make it through the strong winds today and then one of our friends will hopefully come over at the weekend to put the post back in. Although looking at the weather forecast (I'll whisper this bit) we're meant to get snow at the weekend

            Good luck with the event Mo (and Pete) keeping my fingers crossed it'll prove to be more than worth the risk and you sell oodles
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              Wow! Everyone is super crafty here. I had play group this morning so I've been encouraging 3 years old and unders to stick tissue paper on to paper so I could cut them out and make Christmas trees from their creations. It worked quite well, except fir one girl who just did gluing and no tissue and someone else who did some lovely work but forgot the glue! I'm now keeping warm inside waiting for a delivery of some new decopatch papers.

              Its still very windy here near Melton Mowbray and some nasty rain showers too. I'd heard the snow rumour too. I think cbeebies must have as well since they seemed to have got out all the program episodes with snow in them today.
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                So, it was really windy here last night too (and has been today), but nothing in my garden has gone anywhere, even the empty flower pots.....
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                  Barney's howling away here, but we were forecast hurricane force winds and its not that bad thankfully.
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                    Wall to wall craft fairs here, just finished setting up at Blenheim, Mo and Pete are opposite us, so I guess there will be some laughs over the next 4 days - just hope Pete doesn't lead me astray, as I am easily led
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                      I think the Severn at the end of the road was about two feet below flooding yesterday, not seen the environmental guys with the defences so it must still be okay..we'll see, it's like the Zambesi when it floods..whole trees go floating past!