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  • Eastenders/Dennis!!!

    Im not a huge fan of the actor Nigel Harman but Im absolutely traumatised by the death of Dennis Rickman!!
    His character never failed to impress me by the mature change in his actions over the time he was in the soap.
    Poor Sharon, first her dad, then her mum, then a fiance, then her dad again(!!), then her husband!!!
    Just when things were going right for them.

    I hope Phil gets revenge on Johnny Allen.

    PS.I know its not real.

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    Welcome back Seahorse , it's be quiet on here without you.

    I have to remind my hubby that 'Enders isn't real but he just acusses me of not playing along :roll: . I have to keep an emotional distance from soaps now after frequently embarrassing myself by blubbing over Neighbours in the past...oh the shame!
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      Ive had 3 weeks off and if it wasnt for forums Id be going gaga here at work.I dont want to be here!!

      My mum was distraught when Tod died years back!

      Eastenders is the only soap I watch and i get really attatched to the characters.I have cried many times at 'enders, so dont feel like your the only one.

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        Good to see you back..

        do you need a eastend section or just a thread :shock: :wink:

        Happy new year by the way ...

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          Haha, just a thread.I just had to express my sadness to someone who may be as much of a nutter as me.

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