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  • Sumat COMPLETELY new! me anyway!

    I promised Funky Anice in another thread that I'd update you on this new adventure I had yesterday...

    ...I had an audition to get into voiceover work! It was really exciting & interesting, specially for someone who's managed a piggin office for 17 years for heavens sake...when all his other voiceover people are ex-DJs or ex-presenters or ex-actors and such

    I did alright too, 1st attempt was a bit duff of course but 2nd wasnt half bad after a bit of direction and he reckons I'll get plenty of work as soon as we get a proper demo circulated....AND its the kind of work you can do at home using a good mic so I'm hoping it'll be the perfect thing to do alongside starting a craft let's hope it helps pay the mortgage and stop me having to go backwards instead of forwards!....YEE HAH

    Keep you posted how I get on!
    Shaz x
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    ok so thats wierd, as i posted and it hasnt appeared. Oh i hope id didnt post it on a different site i was looking at!

    Ok. so i said

    this is amazing. It would be great to earn a living doing something that we love, who wants a 'real' job anyway!

    GL with this, hope it all goes well


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