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  • AOl...Aaaaagghhhhhh!!!!!

    I hate AOL. Last week I merely disliked them, but today I really hate aOL with a passion.

    I was online last night, but this morning nothing, not a sausage. We tried everything we could think of to get online, but then gave up and phoned AOL. The guy said he knew what was wrong and that we could fix it. He talkied me through re-installing my wireless router, and then left me to restart the computer. When it's restarted it'll be fixed and yo can log on to AOL. Wrong.

    Phoned AOL yet again. Aha! said the chap. There's nothing wrong with AOl, it's your phoneline. BT said the phone line was perfect, and I think they are right.

    The third AOL chap said we needed to find the wireless router's set up page. After a long search we did find it and he talked me through a few changes that needed to be made, boxes to be checked or unchecked. And voila! It worked, I got online! I gushed my thanks at him and rang off. Now, whilst I was online I was using Himself's desktop computer. I went to try and connect my laptop and ....nothing. No signal, no network. It transpires that the ever-so-helpful chap has managed to turn a 5 computer wireless house into a one computer DSL BB connection as apposed to 5 wireless connections....don't ask me how.

    I have to wait until tomorrow night now to get the DD's bf to come and rescue my wireless router thingy from solitary confinement!

    I'm stressed to all get out as there was one hugely important email I needed to send today and it's causing me hell. I've managed to send it, but not with any ease and it wasn't on the recipients desk today as planned. It will now have to wait until tomorrow.

    AOL are for the chop. Is anyone with Tiscali and have you experienced any problems? They seem to offer the best deal, but I'd like to know how reliable they are.

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    AOL and orange seem to have the most unstable BB, they both always blame the BT line too. I have had Virgin (ntl) for about 7 years and never had a prob.
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      Sorry to hear of your AOL problems Its the most frustrating thing EVER, especially when you are on the end of the phone and the guy on the end of the phone thinks you are a total idiot just because your a woman. That makes me so angry.....

      I have been with Virgin (telewest for the southeners!) for 8 years now, and never had a problem with them like Kay.
      Wireless router and connections are fine, the internet is always up and the download speed is always as it should be.

      Good Luck!
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        I know exactly what you mean!

        I've had a number of irrate conversations with AOL and we changed them. And then they had the cheek to send us a letter threatening balifs as they said our bill was unpaid (actually they owed us).......

        Now with BT and no problems!!!

        Plus Mr Site would not let me update it with AOL...


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          I agree - I have AOL and the ONLY advantage is the price, it was cheaper to get set up than others at the time and thats why I went with them, but I have had very similar problems, and the customer service is the PITS! I haven't used Tiscali, but if it's any use, my sisters house has a BT Broadband wireless set-up and they haven't yet had any problems like mine.

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            I dont have a wireless jobby Jules but I did have Tiscali's basic broadband for a while, wasnt very impressed, I ditched em in the end. Mind you I think my ginger tom started the problems by nibblin t'cables - but after that, Tiscali's customer service was kak. When I eventually got new cables & reconnected again, it forever seemed to be going down so I sacked em

            With orange now, only cos they had a free BB offer if you had your mobile contract with em which I did so I have - seems OK so far

            Thank heaven for DDs bf though! Good luck sorting the whole fiasco out

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              I had a similar frustrating time with Virgin/NTL last month. Got home from holiday with a weeks worth of emails and orders to download, put 'pooter on tried to connect and.....nothing! Cue massive panicking from me and hours worth of hubby trying to identify the problem (not great after travelling for the best part of 20 hrs). Luckily the next morning he mananged to connect it bypassing the NTL modem (and the wireless router - boo) so at least I could download and print off all my orders - hubby what a star .

              Got a new modem sent after hubby finally persuaded them that he knew what the problem was (a dead modem) and an engineer wouldn't be able to fix it. But all bloomin' stressful so you have my sympathy Jules.
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                I'd recommend virgin too...that's NTL/Telewest. I used to work for them so i'm loathed to admit it but of the service providers i've had they've been the most reliable and fastest. I'm with BT now and live in a business district which has an annoying habit of going down at the trying to get through to BT is hellish!
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                  I have wireless with talk talk and i have no problems...apart from the time i forgot to pay my bill..

                  i lose my signal sometimes, all i do is go the little computer icon on the toolbar at the bottom right of my computer, right click on it, then click repair and wait for it to do its stuff!

                  dont know if this will help! lol...who knows, comps are still a mystery to me!


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                    Arrggg 'Talk Talk' they were terrible last year with us, I didn't have broadband or telephone for 3 weeks after the trade show this tome last yearr and they were unbelievably bad on the customer service side of things. Got rid of them, and they tried to keep over payments they'd demanded from us in error! We are with BT now, they are not the cheapest around by a long shot but I run an internet business and I have to have access all the time, haven't had any problems with them all year. (Fingers crossed)
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                      I wouldn't be online if I had to use AOL! I hate it!!!!! Its a joke
                      I use Sky Wireless and have had no problems at all. It's there when I want it no matter what. and being in the wilds of Scotland thats saying a lot for Sky I think
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                        I've got Talk Talk and I've had similar probs, just had to get a techie mate to do it as I had no idea !! my contingency if I need to e-mail is the libarary (bad spelling!!!) I realise this does not help you if its in the evening.


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