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  • Proms

    Can anyone give me any pointers to costs etc for all that is required for a prom. Tuxedo hire, limo hire etc.
    Couldn't believe what one of the mothers was telling me this morning. Joe has one coming up this year.

    Have your children been to one, or have you? they didn't have them in my day!!!
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    I don`t know much about the costs but I know that they are certainly big business now.

    I made a dress last year for a promette as she was larger than the average School leaver. Most of the girls spent around £300 pounds on a dress plus professional make-up, nails & hair.

    Thank heavens you have a son rather than a daughter!

    Pretty unbeleivable really. Waht happened to the School disco????!


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      I went to my own prom thing a few years ago, but to make sure no one else had the same dress as I did, and to save massive amounts of money, I bought my dress in the States. I got a proper ballgown for around £20. I cant post a picture yet, but maybe soon! You can buy them online too if you find the right sites, and are willing to possibly have to get them altered slightly (but half the girls who bought their dresses at £200 had to get their dresses altered too!). Also in the US, you can buy a tux, completed with all the trimmings and shirt for £50. Madness.

      As for a limo, ours didn't turn up as it was double booked - apparently they take more bookings than they can carry out because there's always a cancellation. It would've cost us £15 each and there was 8 of us.


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        Best is to share the limo and cut back on costs then!

        I have been getting a lot more orders for toppers with the girls in their prom dresses as a great keepsake for them - probably the last time they get dressed up till their wedding then. Not had any for the boys yet - don't think its their

        Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers


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          I bought a dress for AUD20, a 2.5m long feather boa from a craft store for about $10, (shoes were the most expensive part at about $40 but I have always loved shoes!!

          GOt my hairdresser to do my hair and stick little flowers in it for about $20 and did my own makeup

          so for under $100 (£40) I had a prom outfit, no one else had a feather boas either, so I was looking individual, and I left a little trail of feathers everywhere I went (mainly the bar)

          tee hee

          Crafting it is the key I tell you


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            Ebay again!

            I bought the basic dress from eBay for Philippa's prom. Can't remember the seller, but you have to give detailed measurements and they showed you how.

            I was a bit anxious, waiting for the dress to arrive from Hong Kong but arrive it did and fitted like a glove. I just had to take it in under the arms. I then spent a small fortune and three weeks sewing on over 2500 seed beads and sequins (bought from eBay) to make it individual. The dress came with a free organza wrap which I did up, by adding backing fabric and sequins etc. She looked gorgeous.

            She wasn't bothered about limos etc, thankfully.

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