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Eye results at last

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  • Eye results at last

    Finally my hubby has had his eye scan to find out why he lost a lot of vision in his right eye just before christmas,apparantly he has a growth at the back of his eye. They cant say what it is only that it is not cancer. This as you can imagine is a big relief. Its never going to get better unfortunatly and if it gets any bigger then he may have to have surgery, but at the moment glasses are correcting it so at least he can drive, and his headaches are not as bad.

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    Glad everything is OK and I hope it continues to improve for him.
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      I cant imagine how worrying that was for you both over Xmas & New Year but am pleased to hear that probably the biggest concern's been taken out of the equation

      Best wishes and keep your eye on it! (sorry, had to do it, LOL)

      Shaz x
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        glad to here the news is good and hope he continues to improve, my brother lost his eye sight 13 years ago so i can understand the hard time you have been having
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          I am SO glad that the growth isn't malignant, it must be such a relief to you both.

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            A great relief to know what it is, and that it is treatable to a certain degree.

            Fingers crossed that everything settles down and you can both get back to a normal life.



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              Glad to know things are better for him.thinking of you both.(((hugs)))
              Shabby Neesey


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                At last you have a better idea of what you are dealing with and its very good news that it is not cancerous. Fingers crossed it settles down and will be monitored properly from now on.


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                  PHEW!!! huge relief for you all!!!

                  So glad that its not worse case senaro.

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                    Really glad for both of you. My friend had a scare a couple of years ago similar to your hubby turns out it is a freckle in the back of the eye. The same thing the vision wont get any better but at least it wasn't a growth.

                    Big Hugs.


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                      I'm so pleased for you that it has had a reasonably positive outcome. Hugs to you and your hubby for having such a tough time.
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                        Glad you got the results back at least now you both know what your dealing with.

                        Best wishes and lots of hugs to you both.



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                          I know you still have a lot to deal with and think about, but at least it isn't a 'worse case scenario' and you can now move on.

                          Couple of years ago I had a breast cancer scare so I know the huge relief you must be feeling now. It's like you can suddenly breathe again.

                          Best wishes to both of you!

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                            Thanks for your kind words everyone, its a big comfort to know everyone cares so much. Hopefully we can move on now and just hope it doesn't get any worse.

                            Thanks everyone
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