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Bad start to the day(I could cry too)

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  • Bad start to the day(I could cry too)

    Day started at 7am when I had to move my car as they are resurfacing our road and the next bloomin' road too. Then at 9 I had to trudge back to my car as I had a dentists appointment for a root canel - my nerve was inflamed so try as they might they couldn't get it numbed and had to resort to drilling into the root so a local aneasetic could be inserted (ouch ouch and triple ouch). Then as it was a back tooth the chemically stuff ended up going down my throat making me gag - I can still taste it every time I swallow. And finally after parking my car two streets away and walking home in rain and a gale I got covered in black sticky dust from the roadworks

    I just want to go back to bed now.
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    Ow what a horrible morning. Take a couple of painkillers (AKA Brandy's) and go straight back to bed.



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      Ew, that sounds really nasty.
      I hope you and your tooth are better soon.... its definalty a bed day today looking out of the window. But de - sticky yourself first. Dont want tar in bed.
      Take it easy
      Av xx
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        I recommend: hot water bottle for the cheek, 2 x paracetamols and bed - NOW ! Its gonna have to be a 'be nice to yourself' day .



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          poor youdefinitely got to be a pamper yourself rest of the dayHope you feel better soon


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            I find covent garden soup and crusty bread, followed by chocolate eclairs....and if that fails copious amounts of alcohol sufficient on one of my 'be nice to me i'm sensitve' days. I also find it's far more effective a remedy when you can get other people to do the running around for you so start laying it on thick to the loved ones!
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              Aw thats the pits, being in pain then walking home in this awful, awful weather, hope you're feeling a bit better by now

              Reminds me of when I was younger, had been to Dr and was walking home, only bent down to stroke a cat and as I stood up, saw my dad's car driving off up the road ahead of me! He'd come to pick me up, bless him, but dint see me cos I'd bent down to stroke the piggin cat!...and I SOOO wanted a lift home in the warm car!

              I havent learnt any better since then though!

              Have some soup
              Shaz x
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