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An inspector calls! OFSTED!!!!

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  • An inspector calls! OFSTED!!!!

    Oh dear.

    I know there are few teachers on here so I thought start this thread.

    We`ve received "THE CALL" Wednesday & Thursday this week. I`m only part time, 2 days a week. You`ll never guess what days I work????....Yup, Wednesday & Thursday! I`m not even teaching my subject. I`m covering Child Development until a spe******t can be found.

    I haven`t been through the "new type" of inspection the old ones we awful. Anyone got any experience of the new ones???

    Not teacher talk I hear you say!

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    Oh no! I had similar before I went on maternity leave. I worked 3 days a week and they were in those 3 days

    What's your school like? Are they good groups?

    I think as long as you've got good planning/sow's to show as evidence (Not that they asked to see mine!)
    You’re doing good starter activities, which relate to the previous lessons.
    Plus good recap/summary at the end, you will be fine!

    I taught textiles/graphics and they came to see 2 groups doing practical gcse. Very busy, very hectic... and I don't know how we found time to fit it all in! Plus I was pregnant and just not in the mood!!

    Just adding - I didn't do the old ofsted, so can't really comment on the difference. But from hearing other speak it seemed that they spent more time looking at departments as a whole and less on individual observations.
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      Try not too worry!

      Been there, try not to worry too much. At the end of the day there looking at structure and planning. The last one i was in they mainly assessed the observation teams and managers.

      Its just the prep before hand that does yeah head in, as the managers are running around like headless chickens demanding and giving out jobs ontop of what your already doing.

      You cant help what happens on the day. I had one student play hell and my computer went wrong so that bought my grade down. Nothing to do with my fab presentation that had took me hours to prepare!

      Take some rescue remedy and have a big chocolate cake afterwards.

      Good luck sweetie
      x Maria
      x Maria



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        Hi Sam,

        Thanks for the reply.

        My School is difficult. We were in Special Measures at one point, mainly due to behaviour, poor leadership etc. Released from SM a couple of years ago but some of the old issues exist.

        My groups are not good. All foundation level students, all girls and only see each other in my lessons. They seem to get on task OK and produce reasonable work but actually getting them to listen as a class is virtually impossible. A member of SMT shares one my of groups and has admitted to finding them impossible to teach. What chance do I have?!!!!

        Anyway, spent all today doing Must, Should & Could sheets, evaluation sheets dah dah dah . Plenary will have to be done in small groups, which is what I generally do. I know Ofsted will not see it as the 3 part lesson but it`s the best way to get work out of them.! And I`m very happy to discuss the issues with the Inspector and take on board any advice etc he may have.

        Thursday night it will be all over!

        Great to hear that OFsted are more general in their inspection rather than focused on individuals!! Sounds like you were in the hotseat during your inspection!

        Sooooooo tired!

        I Must now stop working
        I Should get the tea ready
        I Could just phone for a takeaway


        I found a menu and will now phone for a takeaway!


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          Originally posted by Bumble Bee View Post
          You cant help what happens on the day.

          You are so right there!!!



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            Oh I feel for you!! I wasn't teaching long enough to have an inspection either new or old but both sisters in law and both brothers in law are teachers and they much prefer the new system to the old. It's over much quicker and because you only get short notice you don't have the weeks of stressful meetings etc etc.
            Good luck - and fingers crossed
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