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I want to sell my collection off but where

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  • I want to sell my collection off but where

    For years now i have been collecting anything to do with coca-cola. I started collecting it when i was about 13 and now im 42 so as you can see its been a few years. As there's no room in the house to show it off anymore its all in box's in the attic. So i think now its time to let it go im just now sure where the best place is to sell it all. I don't sell on ebay so that's out the window. Do any of you know where would be the best place to sell it. Not all of it is worht any money but i do know so of it is but have no clue as to how much

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    Coke Has been a big seller in the states and if you have UK coke item they would sell good.I would try e-bay and make sure it shows up in the U.S. market
    Good Luck!
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      I did a quick google search & found this site

      I'm not sure if it will be of any help as i havnt looked through it really!


      (I searched for coca cola collectible price guides)

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        you should put it on e-bay. do u have facebook? they might have networks in there that help u sell off the products?!
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