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Grrrrr having a rant LOL

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  • Grrrrr having a rant LOL

    OMG, I have tried for the last 4 months to get my proof of no claims from Asda car insurance, anyone would think I was asking for their first born child or something, well 11 phone calls and a threat to go to the insurers governing body I can have it, for .............. £30!!!!!
    Well I told them what they could do with that 30 quid LOL. I am being held to ransom over THEM cancelling my policy as they wouldnt insure my new car as its a soft top roadster and high risk.

    ..............and relax, anyone have any spare camomile tea LOL
    I came..I saw..I shopped

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    What rotters....! Havent got any camomile tea but am sending you a virtual G&T



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      Can they legally do that? I thought that if you requested it then they had to give it to you - I'm no expert though so don't quote me on that!
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        I phoned back and cried, did the trick, SUCKERS LOL, they are sending it for free tomorrow.
        I came..I saw..I shopped


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          Aw, poor you. Although I detest this method of getting things from insurers, garages etc (read: Men), sometimes, crying is the only thing that works!


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            I worked in insurance to 15 years and I hated every single minute of it. I detest the fact that they don't sell you a policy because it is right for YOU - they sell a policy because it will make THEM the most amount of commission. I definately think insurance workers should be just salaried - if there is no carrot being dangled regarding commission you might get a better chance of being sold something that might actually be suitable for you.

            Sorry for the rant but that is the reason I left insurance and went to work for the NHS. Big drop in wages but at least in my job we are working for the good of the patient not the good of someones pay packet.



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