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Had my Hir cut off!!

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  • Had my Hir cut off!!

    Yes i finally did it, after humming and harring for months and months, but think i chose the wrong time of year as it's sooooo cold!!
    You can see a pisc on my blog...
    What do you think?? For a before photo see the profile pic on the blog!!
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    you go girl!
    That takes serious guts to have it lopped off, but it looks lovely You must be using lots of scarves at the moment!
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      Ooooh - very brave!! I'd quite like very short hair but I've not plucked up the courage yet. Plus I don't think it would suit my plump face!

      EDIT - forgot to say it looks fab!
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        Very sophisticated and classy - I just think you should have waited until the weather was a bit warmer!



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          Thanks guys, i went for a swim today and it was great not having to worry about my hair!!!!


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            Very nice and it suits you!

            Last time I had hair that short I was at school and I kept getting mistaken for a boy. So started wearing makeup heheheh!!


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              Originally posted by swirlyarts View Post
              Ooooh - very brave!! I'd quite like very short hair but I've not plucked up the courage yet. Plus I don't think it would suit my plump face!

              EDIT - forgot to say it looks fab!
              I go through periods of just saying -"aaahhhh, bugger it i'll just cut it off" i have a "round" face (round is a much nicer word than plump) and I pull it off!

              Although I do go through the "short hair remorse" period where I think "what have I done?"

              I do have rubbish hair though, in that I have to straighten in even though it is only just longer than my ears, it's really curly... if it is just left to it's own devices I look like I have had an electric shock - there si only a certain number of times a girl can pull that off, right?

              Oh, ICG, love your hair, BTW....
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                Do you find it feels strange at night on your pillow .... that's always what gets me when I go from long to short.

                I'm currently in the horrid in-between stage at the moment. It's not quite long enough to put up without using thousands of grips, but it's flicking out all over the place!

                I had my hair cut really short in the summer and instantly regretted it. I told the girl I wanted to look "funky and spiky, like an art student" !!! And it would have looked great ... on a skinny art-student! I'm short and pear-shaped and I just looked like a pin-head!! So now I'm growing it out ... again!

                I think the next time I get it cut, I shall say I want to look like a yummy-mummy instead!!
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                  You're very brave having it cut short, it looks good though, really suits you. I regret having mine cut shorter a few years ago when I was pregnant with DD. It was very long and with hormones all over the place I decided that 'mummies shouldn't have long hair adn I should grow up, be more sensible' so I had it cut shorter into a bob. Now I'm not pg it takes forever to grow. I don't think growing my hair faster is a good enough reason to have no:3 though lol.


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                    It looks very nice and suits you!

                    Mine is at that inbetween stage of 'shall I grow it to enable me to have it put up during the summer', or 'shall I get it cut'?

                    funny thing is that each time I do get it cut, I always tell myself to keep it short as it suits me better that way......LOL.

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                      Oooo I like it, looks lovely I love that girls hair in Primeval too, she used to be in S Club didn;t she? I have short hair , have constantly gone from short to long to short again over the years, have a round face so short suits me better and plus my hair is so fine when it is long it just ends up looking lanky and rats tailish, would love to have thick long glossy hair!!!
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                        I totally agree with you that is too cold for short hair.
                        Yours looks great!

                        I have short hair that's cut with clippers on a grade 3. It is sooooooo cold when it's first cut and every one wants to stroke it all the time. One old lady once said to me.... "ooo you poor dear, how was your chemotherapy?"
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                          very nice, i used to have a really short elfin crop and i loved it, it snow past my shoulders and too much like hard work!
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