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My lovely tidy workroom

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  • My lovely tidy workroom

    I did promise myself I would take January off and catch up on things like housework, accounts, cleaning windows and the like.

    Well.... I lasted about a week!

    I decided to tackle my cess-pit of a workshop once and for all, and this is the finished result :

    The pictures to the right of my white shelves are the Secret Santa notelets I got from Tip Top and the fabric book under my desk is the Jane Churchill sample book. The pink VW beetle car on my shelf is my cd player I got at Christmas and the drawers on the left of the picture are my floor to ceiling drawers (set of 2) with all my fabric sorted by colours. The tubs on the white shelves are all my buttons and embellishments, again sorted by colour.

    My New Year's resolution is to try and tidy up every evening so that I can always find things.
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    Wow that looks great, and looks like a really nice place to work! I'd love a workroom like that.
    Well done you, and good luck keeping it tidy. I always find whenever I tidy up my work space (nothing nowhere near as nice as yours) its always a mess 2days later, but its always nice while it lasts.
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      What a great workspace. I love the cloudy wall paper, reminds me of being a teenager!!!

      Now how long is it really going to stay that tidy?
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        What a lovely room would be very pleased to have a space like that to myself
        while i knit i think


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          Tidy craft room

          You are sooooooo lucky to have a craft room. I've got the dining table and just as I get going it's time to tidy up for tea, which, if I'm lucky is cooked by my lovely husband. (This doesn't happen very often,it's more like "Mum whats for tea?" How do you fill up a growing 13 year old?)


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            Oooooh - fab room! You should have done a before shot! My room is stuffed to overflowing and you can't even get into it without stepping over boxes of fabric etc etc. Must clean it someday soon.........
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              Love your craft room im doing my up this week almost took everything out now ready to paint

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                fab room, seems strange to me to see fabric, my room is full of paper LOL
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                  Looks Great!

                  ...Looks really good JB!

                  I keep meaning to tidy mine. Did a good job before Christmas, but then the #1 son was home from Uni and my workroom is used as a spare room when needed. He didn't go back until Jan 5th, and I've been busy on here and haven't had time to tidy properly yet.

                  I must get started though, as I need to put away all my winter, Christmas & halloween fabrics, I must sort out what stock I have left from last year and put anything Christmas/Halloween away too. Also have to get some dowel and thread all my reels of ribbon onto it, and hang it up out of the way.

                  I could do a 'before' photograph, just got no idea when (if) there'd be an 'after' one.....

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                    That looks a really lovely place to work in - it is sooooo hard to keep things tidy though. For Christmas and New Year I absolutely gutted the kitchen, even treated myself to 2 sets of massive drawer units to store all my candle goodies in. Well you should see what it looks like now!!!! Back to the same old mess and that is with the new units.



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                      Can I have the gigantic cake off the top shelf please.... yum yum

                      What a lovely working space you have - lucky girl !!



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                        What a lovely,tidy ,well organized space!

                        Don't suppose you'd like to come round and sort mine out would you?

                        I,ve got plenty of space, filled with plenty of junk ( family's terminology, I call it treasure!) in boxes all over the floor, plenty of workspace, well there would be if it could be un-dismantled, but first need to clear some floor space.

                        The only goodthing about it at the moment is the FAB view, but can't get close enough to the windows , to look out, although they'd need a good clean first!


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                          I've just tried tidying my work space... this is me in the middle of tidying...

                          And here is the finished room....

                          Peaceful, organised and calm surroundings help me create my craft...

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                            lol.. lmao

                            probably the oly way we'l ever get this house tidy!!!

                            And might be easier to do as above, and rebuild from scratch than try and restore!!


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                              Ha ha ha ha ha - like it!! That definitely looks more like my workspace (ie. spare room stuffed with so much stuff I can't actually open the door all the way). Very funny
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