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    I have an Australian Terrier and over the last few weeks has decided to follow me everywhere!!!! he even follows me to the toilet and will wait outside until i come out..

    Is this normal and he just loves me or is he feeling insecure!

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    We have had our border collie for 3 and a half year and she has always followed us around. She likes to know whats happening so will keep checking on people in different rooms and follow you unles she is told not to. We got her when she was 2 from a rescue centre, so I've always thought that she might just feel a little insecure about being left...or there is always the option that she's just a nosey doggy!!!
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      we've had dogs for years down to one samoyed at the monent, but yes i had a fox terrier once who stuck to me like glue and when i got married i bought my husband our first samoyed pup and it wouldn't do a thing for him and was a lap dog for me, lay at my side of the bed,sat in the bathroom door when i was in the shower and was just like a child all the time
      while i knit i think


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        I have a terrer cross and he will sit at the bathroom door till I or my partner comes out.Dogs are like kids and want to know what is going on all the time in THERE home lolol
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          You dont say if your dog has just started doing displaying this behaviour or has the dog always done this ?

          Have you had loads of people in the house over the festive period ? Has his routine changed so his patern of walks .feeding times have changed it's just if you are really busy they tend too with out you really noticing.

          If before he had you undivided attention then that can trigger these changes in dogs. And dont worry about it when things get back to there normal everyday pattern so should he.

          If not dont encourage insecure behaviour and start working on his confidence it's back to basics with leaving him behind for short periods at a time etc .

          Cheers Janice


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            I have 2 nine year old Springers and one of them has decided in the last couple of weeks that they would treat the side of my bed a lampost!!! Problem is we don't know which one it is. Does anyone have any advice on how I can stop this new habit??





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     I know mine's a cat but, cos you mention bathrooms, thats the only room in the house where he feels an indescribable desire to climb onto my knee (whilst I'm sitting on the loo) then climb onto my shoulder & sit on the back of my neck & fall asleep...nowhere else in the house inspires that behaviour - I was beginning to think my loo was haunted & he was protecting me but I think he might just be daft

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                : I know mine's a cat but, cos you mention bathrooms, thats the only room in the house where he feels an indescribable desire to climb onto my knee (whilst I'm sitting on the loo)
                I've got a female cat who does that (doesn't climb on my neck though - thank goodness).

                You can't go to the loo in peace in this house 'cos at least one of the cats (we have 3 plus a regular lodger) will have to make sure you're not doing something you shouldn't!



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                  My parents have an australian cattle dog, it follows my dad everywhere, when he goes on holiday, I have to hand feed her her dinner every night for a week to get her to eat it, she doesn't go for walks and just mopes about and looks really sad. When he comes back, she will not leave him alone!

                  Maybe it's the Australian thinng, where man's best friend is taking it a little far